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Retail AR App for a leading fashion brand

Retail AR App for a leading fashion brand

Leveraging augmented reality for delivering enhanced shopping experiences and boosting sales at brand stores


The client, a major retail brand, was struggling with dwindling in-store sales due to stiff competition from online sellers. The only feasible way to handle the falling sales was by strengthening the customer experience they delivered. A feature-rich AR app was ideated for them. The objective was show how different outfits would look on different body types so that the consumers could be sure about every single piece they picked. Beyond just increasing engagement and sales, the solution was envisioned to reduce return rate as well. A faster checkout facility was also expected as the additional functionality of the app.

Retail AR App for a leading fashion brand
The Challenge

In the current scenario, there were several challenges that the client was facing. These included the following:

  • The shoppers had to wait in the long queues outside the fitting rooms, which was the reason why they preferred switching to online shopping.
  • -Since products were available in varying colors and sizes, there was a need for the provision to try the variants.
  • Delay on the checkout counter was another reason of returning customers, which was again impeding revenue growth and customer retention
Our Approach

At the initial stage of the project, OrangeMantra held discovery workshops with the client’s sales and customer experience teams. They also held group meetings with the stakeholders to have a complete overview of the challenges, expectations, and requirements for the project. Based on the information we gathered, we ideated an AR-based app that enabled the users to scan their face, select their body type, and visualize the AR view with the selected item.

The Solution

An AR-powered app that is capable of running on smartphones and tablets for both Android and iOS platforms was the solution we created for the client. The prominent features of the app were:

  • A “Virtual Trial Room” experience which lets the user visualize texture, fit, color, etc in augmented reality.
  • A bar code scan to check the availability of preferred colors/sizes at different stores of the retail chain.
  • A bar code scan that provided access to the sizing guide for easing the shopping experience
  • Self-checkout option to ensure that the shopper need not wait at the checkout counter

The AR app we created for the client benefited them in several ways.

  • Delivers immersive shopping experiences that allow the customers to actually “see” how they would look in their desired outfit and its variants
  • Reduces the friction in shopping experiences by ensuring that the shoppers need not wait for vacant trial rooms
  • Eases and speeds up the checkout process by limiting the need to queue up for billing
  • 20% decrease in return rate
  • 2X increase in sales within 3 months
  • 10X increase in customer engagement
  • 3X increase in customer retention