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Harness the power of an efficient process aligned across your business divisions and units. Turn the horizontal growth of your organization into a vertical success story with our process harmonization solutions.

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How Process Harmonization Drives Organizational Growth

Many organizations—small and large—fail to respond to shifting market needs at the desired pace. With technology and other disruptive factors reshaping consumer behavior, such failures could be a devastating blow to a company. Organizations that fail to act swiftly in an evolving market usually lack an efficient process. And that’s where process harmonization comes into play. Process harmonization helps you solve a diverse array of challenges that arise naturally in many organizations. It could be an overlooked resistance to market evolutions, missed growth opportunities, or disproportionate operating costs. Using best-suited enterprise solutions like ERP, CRM, and automation software, you could create a seamlessly harmonized process. No matter how vast or diverse your operations are, process harmonization makes everything results-oriented.

Top Benefits of Process of Process Harmonization

The benefits of a strategically implemented process harmonization can cover everything from operational efficiency and customer service to employee satisfaction.

Operational clarity
Dramatically improving the overall functionality and efficiency of the organization is perhaps the single most crucial benefit of harmonizing your process. It eliminates processes that are confusing and need guesswork, enhancing clarity across workflows.
Superior quality
With a process that lacks synchronization, it’s hard to achieve high-quality results. That changes with process harmonization. With standardized processes, your workforce feels empowered to achieve all the quality benchmarks—whether it’s product development or service delivery.
Increased productivity
When your process comprises confusing elements and is prone to errors, everything takes longer. Process harmonization tools like ERP and CRM help you minimize the wastage of time and resources. Besides, you can save costs associated with running repetitive backend processes.
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Accelerated innovation
When you align processes and apply good practices, you create a more fertile ground for innovation. Digitally empowered organizations show remarkably more innovativeness than the ones that are not digitized. Process harmonization lets you sync agility with innovation.
Happier employees
Your workforce becomes more satisfied after you deploy process harmonization. It’s mainly because an aligned process enables employees to accomplish tasks and goals more smoothly. Plus, they can also leverage tools and technologies like automation to reduce workloads.
Satisfied customers
Customer service is more crucial than ever in a commercial landscape that’s transforming at a dizzying pace. That’s why you cannot afford to have unsatisfied customers—no matter how small or big a business you run. Understandably, an efficient workforce will create satisfied customers.

Process Harmonization vs. Standardization

Process harmonization refers to aligning multiple business units, divisions, and operations to create one synced process. It aims to prevent or eliminate the gaps in different (or scattered) processes to improve overall efficiency. It may include creating automated workflows, lowering operating costs, and improving customer service, among other goals. Process standardization refers to creating uniform business processes across divisions and units. Usually, the goals of standardizations are to consistently meet cost- and performance-related objectives. Using standardization, an organization can share expenses, create company-wide business process management practices, and can scale its operations. The process harmonization vs standardization comparison makes it clear they’re related but not the same.

Why Choose OrangeMantra for Process Harmonization Solutions

We ensure that our tech solutions dramatically boost efficiency and bring the desired ROI.

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Over the past two decades, we have helped hundreds of businesses overcome technical challenges and boost operational efficiency. Business managers and entrepreneurs around the world trust us.

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Our software and automation solutions development experience spans across virtually all major industries. Being at the forefront of software development, we can find the best solution for every kind of requirement.

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We have always stayed laser-focused on helping clients achieve the business goals with the right strategy. Our results-driven approach has helped hundreds of clients achieve new milestones.

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Process harmonization is the adjustment of multiple business units, divisions, and operations to create one aligned process. Usually, its goal is to prevent or eliminate the gaps in different (or scattered) processes and improve overall organizational efficiency.
Process harmonization helps organizations to reduce operational mismatch across processes and business units. It also enhances transparency and coordination across teams. By aligning applications that are performing similar tasks and processes, it makes the overall operations across the organization.
When processes are aligned and good practices are applied, efficiencies are created. This frees people to innovate and generate a nimbler organization that can then adapt to continuously changing market conditions quickly.