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E-Business Platform for the World’s No.1 Two-Wheeler Brand

Best-in-class digital commerce and self-service solution for an intuitive buying experience.

A pioneer two-wheeler manufacturing enterprise in India has recently adopted a digitally innovative way to offer a smart buying experience. The brand witnesses the sales automation process through a feature-rich and interactive platform, offering an extensive scale of two-wheelers & spare parts. The solution enables the company to create an on-demand availability of gen-next vehicles and genuine accessories online.

It assists the company to maintain brand accessibility towards distinctive geographical regions. With the development of the technically-driven solution, the enterprise is experiencing an extensive footprint in the digital space while staying ahead of the cut-throat competition. The fully-integrated platform ensures the entire information is available in one place that enables the sales executive to analyze customers’ buying behaviour, know the trends, & improve the overall return on experience widely.

Sales Force Automation For A Footwear Retail Brand

A Sales Force Automation Application To Empower Sales Teams

Large enterprises encounter several problems related to sales, with difficulty in tracking prospects and the duplication of data being the major ones. The Sales Force Automation Application facilitates the automation of the enterprise’s sales force and streamlines sales for the team and the management. The solution enables the team to complete their job within minimal period while eliminating the need for the sales representatives to slog for hours. It prioritizes smart work over hard work and banishes the time-consuming yet necessary sales-related tasks. In this way, it frees the sales reps from the recurring jobs and enables them to focus on their actual job.

Digital Commerce Marketplace For A Globally Leading Electronics Company

Next-gen digital commerce that leverages UX-focused marketplace capabilities and automates crucial sales workflows.

The world’s largest electronics and technologies brand underwent a result-oriented digital transformation to automate sales patterns. A digital commerce platform is created to keep up the pace with rising competitiveness in the marketplace and to deliver a rapid buying process.

With the increasing penetration of interest and to stay ahead of the competitors the brand is providing on-demand products available mainly to the B2B segment. The solution enables the sales process completely streamlined with workflow automation in place. It helps the brand to bring more attention towards seamless delivery to prospective buyers. It further prioritizes the smart work by banishing the recurring tasks and focusing more on the compatible and personalized shopping experience.

Dashboarding For World No 1 Two Wheeler Brand

A Powerful Dashboard Application Which Simplifies Business Decisions

Agility is the prime objective for organizations today but the massive data volumes and disparate enterprise systems stand in the way. An Enterprise Dashboard works as an effective tool for the management team and executives to get a top-level view of their enterprise through extraction and generation of KPIs from the enterprise software systems. It offers a consolidated view of the key metrics that can be monitored in a user-friendly manner. With the entire data available in one place, it becomes easier for executives and decision-makers to improve the overall lead time and the quality of decision-making respectively.

SharePoint Online Application For A Leading Liquor Brand

An Innovative Enterprise Application That Connects Disparate Systems

Collaboration and cohesion are perhaps the biggest challenges for large organizations. An application based on SharePoint Online serves as a perfect solution for large-scale enterprises looking to improve their operational efficiency through collaboration. The key purpose that the application serves is connecting the disparate systems across the business for streamlining workflows, increasing transparency and improving document management. The inconsistent information across departments becomes unified at one platform, making it easily accessible and usable for collaborative decision-making.

Travel Desk Management For A Large Enterprise Client

Travel Desk Management Application To Book Flights Online

This is a unified portal that enterprises can use for employee travel procurement Securely and transparently manner. The portal serves as a simple solution that resolves the complex travel needs of corporate users with large employee bases. They can use it to manage end-to-end employee travel in real-time. It is enriched with features such as live dashboards, flight search and booking, approval cycle, reliable documentation, vendor management, expense management, budget mapping, automated billing, tax management, and secure payments, settlements, and refunds.

IoT Connected Cars And Bikes For Top Automotive Brands

An Application That Drives Connected Vehicles

As connected vehicles are poised to take the automotive industry the norm, brands need to keep pace with the trend. The connected vehicle application is capable of measuring the key navigational parameters for a vehicle in real-time and giving turn-by-turn directions as well. The metrics measures include the distance covered, the time taken, and the speed of the vehicle during a specific drive. With the data captured by the application, it becomes possible to analyze the driving behavior and efficiency of vehicles and use the results for improving these parameters.

IoT Wearable App For A Leading Automotive Player

An IoT-Based Wearable App That Empowers Connected Cars

Wearables have the potential to transform the way drivers interact with their vehicles, as they are capable of fetching and sharing driver and vehicle information. In addition to the features such as navigation, remote access, and vehicle service, they open myriad possibilities from the health and safety perspective. Moreover, they provide reliable and accurate information and notifications immediately so that require action can be taken to prevent accidents and breakdowns. In this way, wearable applications enable brands to enhance the driver experience and their offerings, while gaining a competitive advantage in the automotive landscape.

Employee Management For A Large Manufacturing Enterprise

An Application For Resource Planning And Project Management

Most organizations with a massive workforce face the challenge related to employee management. The Employee Management Application serves as an effective tool for tracking the individual employee performance and measuring the value they serve to the enterprise. It has features such as enrollment, attendance, grievance redressal, and leave management. On the other hand, it enables the employees to enter their attendance, working hours, project hours, break timings, and overtime hours. The objective is to completely automate the employee management system for performance tracking and project billing.

Point Application For A World Leading Home Decor Brand

An Application That Empowers Business With Data Access Anywhere & Anytime

Businesses operate in varied locations and integrating the entire systems to access data anytime and anywhere can be a major challenge. This is exactly what a custom Point application is capable of doing. It enables the users to access and view data on their devices, even from remote locations. In addition to being a point application that facilitates sales, it integrates seamlessly with other systems such as Customer Relationship Management System, Inventory Management System, and analytics modules to present a holistic view of the business.