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Extend your reach and ensure access for all

With a significant part of the global population being differently-abled, businesses cannot just ignore them. From growing your customer base to fulfilling compliance requirements, and risk mitigation, the reasons to make your business digitally accessible are numerous. Now is the time when ensuring inclusivity of differently-abled populations has become a societal responsibility. Therefore, making your applications and products accessible for one and all becomes imperative. The idea is to ensure that they are easy to access and use for everyone, including people with cognitive, visual, hearing, and motor limitations.

You can start with accessibility scanners initially but a more proactive approach is needed to become confidently compliant. At OrangeMantra, we can help by integrating accessibility into the development lifecycle itself or providing accessibility testing as a service. Our accessibility testing combines expert-led assessments with community-driven testing to identify flaws in the application’s digital experience, create a roadmap to address any issues, and assist your business embrace an accessible design for the future.

Extend your reach and ensure access for all

Accessibility Testing Services We Offer

Accessibility Consulting

Our team comprises seasoned researchers who understand the significance that accessibility of applications has for making a business successful. With our in-depth knowledge about the measures of driving accessibility, we are capable of playing an advisory role on this aspect.

Manual Test Scripting

We conduct a complete evaluation of your software and detect the ways to assure that they comply fully with the W3C standards. Further, we test all your scenarios and use cases manually, ensuring that they align with the requisite success criteria.We conduct a complete evaluation of your software and detect the ways to assure that they comply fully with the W3C standards. Further, we test all your scenarios and use cases manually, ensuring that they align with the requisite success criteria.

Assistive Testing

As a part of our services, we use modern assistive technologies including screen readers, magnifiers, and input devices across the complete range of desktop, tablet, and mobile-based applications that are a part of the business ecosystem.

Web Accessibility Evaluation

Our team provides a complete range conformance evaluation of applications to ensure that they are in compliance with the required standards such as WCAG 2.0/2.1 and UAAG 2.0. The confirmation is based on manual, automated, and assistive testing processes.

Detailed Code Inspection

We carry out a detailed inspection of the source code of your software enable the identification of the errors and issues which directly impact the accessibility of the application. Our team of testers then provide tailored solutions which aim to rectify the defects.

Automated Reporting

We bring together the industry-leading automation tools with manual reviews of software applications to offer you the most comprehensive and reliable code parsing services which come with the assurance of regulatory compliance.


Why choose OrangeMantra as your accessibility testing partner?

  • Rich expertise: Get the services of a dedicated accessibility expert or team with broad industry experience and rich platform knowledge.
  • Actionable insights: As a part of our accessibility testing service, we offer a detailed explanation of the failure along with the solutions for improvement.
  • Human touch: Our testers leverage assistive devices such as screen readers to test the applications from the same mindset as your customers.
  • Standards-based assessment: We provide testing that comply with the guidelines and regulations such as WCAG 2.1, Section 508, UAAG 2.0, and more.

Our Process: How we assure the accessibility of your applications

Our process encompasses the use of a potent combination of manual techniques and automation tools for carrying out a reliable Accessibility Testing of your applications.


An accessibility tester initially goes through the application manually and identifies the first-glance problems.


An appropriate automated tool is chosen on the basis of the specific accessibility standard that the application is being tested for.


A manual tester re-examines the potential issues so identified and they are appropriately flagged.


As the deliverables of this partnership, we provide the client with an Accessibility Statement, Evaluation Report, and guidance and consultation.

Ready for taking a proactive approach to digital accessibility? You need expert accessibility testing for every application you develop!


The concept of accessibility focuses on enabling people with disabilities to access your application so that it is available for all. Essentially, it should be empowered with features that allow these users to perceive, understand, navigate and interact without any problems.
Accessibility Testing is a type of software testing which is specifically performed to make sure that the application that is being tested is usable by individuals with disabilities such hearing impairment, visual impairment, color blindness, old age, cognitive issues, etc.
Businesses should make accessibility testing a part of the regular software testing process. They should implement the requisite checks early to improve the overall user experience of the application. With the increasing shift towards accessibility, human-centric design coupled with overall usability, is becoming more important than ever.
WCAG refers to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines listed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). These are a series of guidelines that aim to improving the web accessibility of an application or website and making it useful to all of your users.
ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards. The Department of Justice (DOJ) published these standards for Accessible Design in 2010. According to these standards, all electronic and information technology has to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. It is an indication of your website allowing accessibility to users. Currently, the websites of all federal institutions must meet the AA compliance level.
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