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Offer Customized Quality-driven Business Solutions with Accessibility Testing Services

At OrangeMantra, we provide seamless accessibility testing services to help you offer bespoke business solutions. We understand business reputation depends on qualitative solutions and the services you offer can increase the retention rate and market value. With multiple years of industrial experience and hands-on experience, we serve you with business-focused solutions that help you level up your business.

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Get Market-Ready Quality Solutions with our Accessibility Testing Services

With a significant part of the global population being differently-abled, businesses cannot just ignore them. From growing your customer base to fulfilling compliance requirements, and risk mitigation, the reasons to make your business digitally accessible are numerous. Now is the time when ensuring inclusivity of differently-abled populations has become a societal responsibility.

Therefore, making your applications and products with accessibility testing services for one and all becomes imperative. The idea is to ensure that they are easy to access and use for everyone, including people with cognitive, visual, hearing, and motor limitations. You can start with accessibility scanners initially but a more proactive approach is needed to become confidently compliant.

At OrangeMantra, we can help by integrating accessibility into the development lifecycle itself or providing accessibility testing as a service. Our accessibility testing combines expert-led assessments with community-driven testing to identify flaws in the application’s digital experience, create a roadmap to address any issues and assist your business embrace an accessible design for the future.

Grow Scaled

Uncover Transparency with our Accessibility Testing Services

As the leading accessibility testing company in India, we offer the complete process from getting your requirements to the design and development of the customized solutions.

Theme Development

Accessibility Consulting

Our accessibility testing services comprise seasoned researchers with an understanding of the accessibility of applications to make a business successful. With our in-depth knowledge, we are capable of playing an advisory role in this aspect.

Payment Gateway

Manual Test Scripting

We conduct a complete evaluation of your software and detect the ways to ensure that they comply fully with the W3C standards. Further, we test all your scenarios and use cases manually, ensuring that they align with the requisite success criteria.

Mobile Optimization

Assistive Testing

As a part of our automated accessibility testing services, we use modern technologies including screen readers and input devices across the complete range of desktop, tablet, and mobile-based applications that are a part of the business ecosystem.

Enhance Security

Web Accessibility Evaluation

Our dedicated team of experts offers a complete range of conformance evaluations of applications to ensure that they comply with the required standards such as WCAG 2.0/2.1 and UAAG 2.0 for manual, automated, and assistive testing processes.

Enhance Security

Detailed Code Inspection

We carry out a detailed inspection of the source code of your software to enable the identification of the errors and issues that directly impact the accessibility of the application. Our accessibility testing company in India provides tailored solutions that aim to rectify the defects.

Client Assistance

Automated Reporting

We bring together industry-leading automation tools with manual reviews of software applications to offer you the most comprehensive and reliable code parsing services which come with the assurance of regulatory risk compliance.

Explore our Success Stories

Let's look at how our team of dedicated experts helped our reputed clients with the best-customized business solutions. 

Penetration Testing of Connected Car Mobile Apps

Our client, one of India’s biggest automotive brands, operates dozens of manufacturing units across Asia. Their production workforce has over 25k people. Our client’s vehicle range includes every kind, size, and purpose. The automotive industry has seen very limited innovative technologies. The IoT-based connected car is the one to consider. They were looking for a technology partner to get their mobile app tested and secure from possible hacks. With years of diverse experience in the cybersecurity domain, OrangeMantra was a good fit.

Investment Management Platform for a Finance Startup

Our client is a finance startup that focuses on creating bespoke supply chain financing products for corporations and converts them into tradable capital market instruments. Deployed test engineers with extensive experience in testing financial and trading systems. Designed tests based on user flows and past bug tendencies. We developed a platform with customized UI/UX design keeping their business requirements on priority. Real-time push notifications are game-changers for businesses to get real-time information for account balance credits, debits, and messages.

Mobile and Web App Development for a Digital Magazine

The key objective of the project was to create its web portal and a corresponding mobile application to enable the delivery of content via both channels. The idea was to reach the maximum number of subscribers through accessibility and availability across the web and mobile. The client needed a professional technology partner that could help with the app development services. OrangeMantra designed the web and mobile app to stay competitive on the digital front and match client target audience expectations. Above all, the enhanced user experience brought an extensive increase in the number of subscribers. 

Feature-Rich Business Website Development for IoTechWorld- A Leading Drone Manufacturer

Our client, IoTechWorld Avigation, is proud to be India’s largest drone manufacturing company, to bring socio-economic change in the field of agriculture through advanced drone ecosystems. With a commitment to deliver top-notch products, IoTechWorld sought to grow its online presence and engagingly engage prospects. OrangeMantra helped them with professional website development in a short duration. The strategic website development successfully transformed its online presence, creating a user-friendly, engaging, and informative platform.

Potential Tech Stack We Implement in Automated Accessibility Testing

We at OrangeMantra, serve our clients with a dedicated team of experts equipped with the latest tools and technologies for your solutions.

  • Mobile

  • Android Android
  • iOS iOS
  • Flutter Flutter
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Ionic Ionic
  • Framework

  • Angular Appium
  • React Selenium
  • React XCTest
  • Angular Test Studio
  • React Espresso
  • API Testing Tools

  • Angular Rest Assured
  • React Postman
  • React Apache JMeter
  • Angular Soap UI
  • React RestSharp
  • Databases

  • Angular MySQL
  • React PostgreSQL
  • React Cassandra 
  • Angular Azure SQL database  
  • React Oracle

Modern Accessibility Testing Integrations for Your Business Solutions

If you face business failures due to a lack of accessibility issues? Modern technology stack has the best customized support for your businesses. Our accessibility testing company in India help to keep your business future-ready in every way.

How do Accessibility Testing Services Ensure Business Excellence?

Accessibility testing services help the business types to stay ahead of the competitive market. And we serve your solutions with an absolute quality-driven approach.

Inclusive Experience

It ensures that your digital products are accessible to diverse user groups to provide a positive inclusive experience.

Market Expansion

This automated accessibility testing appeals to the wider audience group that affects your market reach. 

Brand Reputation

You can easily prioritize accessibility and social responsibility which can enhance your market value to increase trust.

Reduced Risks

Get the non-compliant standards with accessibility testing services to invest in legal risks and business operations.

Enhanced Usability 

Accessibility improves usability and increases benefits to enhance the user experience of a wider audience.

Industries we Cater to

Our dedicated team of accessibility testing services has gained years of expertise across the verticals and can help different business types gain the desired success.

Comprehensive Roadmap to Automated Accessibility Testing Process

Our process encompasses the use of a potent combination of manual techniques and automation tools for carrying out reliable accessibility testing of your applications.

  • Finding

    Initiate your Request

    An accessibility tester initially goes through the application manually and identifies the first-glance problems.

  •  Process Design

    Choose the Tool

    An appropriate automated tool is chosen based on the specific accessibility standard that the application is being tested for.

  •  Process Design

    Test the Solution

    A manual tester re-examines the potential issues so identified and they are appropriately flagged.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Regular Software Updates

    As the deliverables of this partnership, we provide the client with an Accessibility Statement, Evaluation Report, and guidance and consultation.

Looking to Offer Accessibility Testing Services to Get Quality-driven Business Solutions?

Why choose OrangeMantra as your Accessibility Testing Company?

You get the support and expertise of industry experts to deliver best-in-class solutions that offer a competitive edge in the market.

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Frequently Asked Question

In effect, accessibility testing can broaden the scope of usability testing and result in a high-quality codebase for the final product/website.

For enterprises contemplating large-scale website redesigns or migrations, automated accessibility testing is extremely critical for maintaining their search engine rankings, and discovering unforeseen or unintended accessibility mistakes that might otherwise rapidly push them down the results.

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  • Google Lighthouse.
  • UsableNET.
  • Equal Web.
  • aXe by Deque.
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  • Lack of awareness.
  • User diversity.
  • Code complexity.
  • Time and cost.
  • Evolving standards.
  • Additional considerations.

Your test cases should cover a wide range of circumstances, including vision, hearing, cognitive, and movement limitations. For example, check for good screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, high contrast options, and video captioning. Effective test cases simulate real-world scenarios.