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Professional Magento Consultants to Kick-Start Your Business

Starting and running an online store is a complex journey as there are several challenges involved. Having a reliable and expert consulting partner is an effective measure to increase sales, generate higher profits, and deliver excellent customer experiences. Professional Magento consulting services, therefore, can help you stay ahead of your competition and boost extensive growth of your business. We are a team of Magento experts who assist our clients with each aspect of their online business and help them to become a profitable enterprise with high brand value. Our 360-degree consulting services include technical consulting and marketing consulting to get comprehensive results for your e-store.

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Magento Technical Consulting

Technical glitches with the operations and performance of your Magento store is something that you may have experienced time and again. These may vary from site crashes during traffic spikes to poor loading speed, low interactivity, risky updates, high maintenance costs, and more. Professional technical consulting is exactly what you need to resolve such issues.

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What We Offer

Health & Performance Review

A complete review of the overall health and daily performance of your Magento store to bring ideas related to the possible improvements in its health and performance.

Magento Code Audit

A comprehensive analysis of the coding structure of your website with recommendations related to making it more stable and efficient if needed.

Site Structure Analysis

Expert architectural review and analysis from a techincal consultant with the aim to improve its structure for ensuring the delivery of superlative shopping experiences.

Extension Consulting

Technical advisory for selecting and installing the apt Magento extensions in your e-commerce store based on bespoke requirements and objectives of your business.

Quality Assurance

Dependable Quality Assurance services with professional testing of every aspect of your Magento store, right from its design to UX, features, and functionalities.

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Detailed reporting on a monthly basis to uncover the flaws in the store and suggest data-driven improvements for discovering opportunities of increased revenues.

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Magento Marketing Consulting

Having a technically-superior Magento store does not guarantee success for your business unless you make sure that it is backed by a result-oriented and sound marketing plan. Our seasoned Magento marketing consultants help you to drive conversions and boost revenues with effective marketing strategies for your e-commerce store.

Discuss Your Development Needs

What We Offer

SEO Audit

Comprehensive SEO audit including keyword analysis and evaluation of the optimization strategies to get your Magento store to the top of search rankings.

Customer Experience Strategy

Strategic advice related to personalized customer experiences on the site with elements such as optimal page layout, tailored searches, streamlined checkout, etc.

360-Degree Marketing

Creation of a 360-degree marketing strategy covering components like SEO, social media, email marketing, pay per click, micro targeting, and more.

Business Consulting

Expert business consultancy services to provide sound advice for enhancing your business capacity, sales channels, profitability, and revenues.

Performance Analytics

Identification and measurement of KPIs such as conversion rate, cart abandonment rate, customer retention rate, average order value, refund and return rate, and more.

Operational Advisory

Advisory related to key e-commerce operations such as warehouse management, customer management, shipping solutions, and payment gateway integration.

Our End-to-End Magento Consulting Services

Every client matters to us and we believe in being with them, right from the start along their journey as they reach their business objectives and look for future growth of their business.

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Customized Development

With our extensive skills and experience in this domain, we assist you with customized development and create a Magento store that perfectly matches all your needs and expectations.

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Promotional Phase

Once the Magento store is live, out branding team comes up with robust and result-oriented digital marketing strategies to propel your sales, extend customer outreach, and bring brand recognition.

Best practices with a proven methodology

Upgrades & Migration

We guide and assist you with a seamless upgrade and migration to the latest Magento version to ensure that your website as well as business stays ahead of the competition and reaches the next level.

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Maintenance & Support

Delivering excellence is our motto, whether it is about development of your Magento store or ensuring that it adheres to the highest standards of performance and scalability with our dependable maintenance and support.

Focus on customer satisfaction

Growth & Expansion

Your growth is our prime concern and we are there to assist you in expanding your capacity, whether it is about extending your geographical coverage, adding new payment methods, or generating additional revenue streams.

What Makes OrangeMantra a Reliable Magento Consulting Partner?

Being a business consultant is all about trust, with the service provider obligated to help the client in every possible way. This is exactly what we do as a reliable Magento consulting partner, with our focus being on translating your ideas into reality. We are a team of 100+ experts who have a holistic skill set and experience with the platform and take a unique approach for handling the needs of every single client. As we tailor bespoke solutions, we keep flexibility, scalability, and affordability in mind.


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