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Product Information Management Services for Business Potential

We provide a variety of state-of-the-art Product Information Management (PIM) services that are carefully designed to provide organizations with unmatched digital experiences, faster processes, and seamless data management. With our all-inclusive PIM solutions, you may improve your product information strategy and maintain an advantage over your competitors.


PIM Software Solutions

A unified platform for effective product data management is offered by our product information management software solutions. Easy navigation using an intuitive UI guarantees a flawless product data management experience.


PIM Data Management

OrangeMantra's PIM data management services may help you centralize your product data. To guarantee the precision and coherence of your product information, put comprehensive quality checks and governance mechanisms in place.


PIM Workflow Management

Use our product information management services to streamline your product data processes. Use automation to shorten the time it takes for new items to reach the market, increase productivity, and minimize manual labor.


PIM Data Modelling

Adapt your product data modeling to your company's requirements. Make sure the PIM data modeling you've done can easily expand to accommodate your product catalog's increasing complexity.


PIM Data Integration

With enterprise product information management data integration services, you can achieve a seamless data flow across your whole organization. Make sure that other corporate apps and systems are easily integrated with your PIM solution.


Digital Asset Management

Use our digital asset management services to add multimedia material to your product listings to make them seem better. To create a unified and appealing brand experience, make sure that multimedia material is consistent across several platforms.

Product Information Management solutions by Centralizing, Optimizing and Thriving

We know the value of the product information in your firm that is precise and properly managed. Our PIM solutions are developed to empower your organization with high standards to succeed in the speedy world of today's market by centralizing product data, aligning workflows and increasing employee efficiency. Correct handling of products’ details is vital to organizations that desire to stay competent in the digital age. The product information management solution is a complete product information system that provides super user-friendly product management and presentation solution aimed at changing the way you manage your product data.

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One Product at a Time Change the Way You Think About Product Information Management

Greetings from a new era in dynamic and effective product information management. OrangeMantra's Product Information Management (PIM) Business Solution features are intended to transform the way you manage, arrange, and present your items. Discover the game-changing benefits that distinguish our PIM solutions and catapult your company into unmatched success.

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Improved Operational Effectiveness

OrangeMantra's PIM solutions optimize operational effectiveness by streamlining product data processes and minimizing human labor. Use automation to speed up the time it takes for new items to reach the market, giving you a competitive advantage.

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Unified Data Management

Take advantage of a single, centralized location for all your product data, guaranteeing media accuracy and consistency. Get a unified perspective of your offers by keeping your product data current with real-time changes.

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Time-to-Market Accelerated

Efficient Workflows By streamlining processes, our PIM solutions let you launch new goods more quickly. Keep your items ahead of the curve by fluidly adjusting to market needs and trends.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

By using our digital asset management, you may add multimedia material to your product listings to improve the overall user experience. For a satisfying customer experience, make sure that product information is engaging and consistent across a variety of media.

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Resource Optimization and Cost Reduction

Reduce costs by streamlining procedures and optimizing resource use. To reduce returns and related expenses and improve the quality of product information.

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Scalability for Business Growth

PIM solutions are designed to grow with your company, enabling it to meet the demands of expanding product catalogs and changing data needs. Utilize a product information management system that is flexible and future-proof to stay ahead of market trends and growth ambitions.

Case Studies

Optimizing Processes for Superior eCommerce Performance A well-known online store had difficulties in keeping track of a large product inventory that was divided across many categories. Customers were confused and lost confidence due to inconsistent product details across channels. OrangeMantra centralized product data and improved procedures by using a customized PIM system. Data consistency was guaranteed by automated procedures, and a smooth brand experience was made possible by multichannel preparedness. The online store saw a 15% rise in revenue, a 20% decrease in order processing times, and an improvement in customer satisfaction. Teams were able to collaborate more effectively because of the PIM solution, which increased output and simplified processes.

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Using PIM to Advance Multinational ManufacturingDisparate product information sources caused delays in product releases and contradictory data for worldwide teams at a multinational manufacturing firm. A centralized center for product data was created via the product information management integration of OrangeMantra's system. Product introductions were accelerated by automated procedures and regional data compliance and correctness were guaranteed by governance structures. The massive manufacturing company reduced time-to-market by 30%, enhanced worldwide data consistency, and increased product launch efficiency by 25%. The product information management development by smoothly adapting to changing data needs.

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case study

Using Better Customer Experiences to Revolutionize RetailA retail company had challenges in delivering a consistent consumer experience because of disparate product information on its online and in-store platforms. Rich media integration was included in OrangeMantra's PIM system to guarantee channel-wide uniformity in multimedia material. The solution improved the shopping experience for customers by enabling multichannel readiness and real-time upgrades. The retail chain saw a 20% decrease in returns, a 15% rise in online sales, and an improvement in customer satisfaction. The customer was able to smoothly introduce new product lines and quickly adjust to market changes thanks to the PIM solution.

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Effortless Precision Utilize OrangeMantra's PIM to Easily Manage Your Product Data

A key to success in the ever-changing world of contemporary commerce is efficient product information management.

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OrangeMantra's PIM Solution Will Help You Improve Your Product Management Approach

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OrangeMantra's PIM Software is a Feature-Rich Platform For All Your Business Needs in Different Sectors. Enhance Your Business With Us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A system called product information management (PIM) centralizes and maintains product data, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency across channels. It is essential for companies because it improves consumer experiences and propels corporate performance by streamlining processes, enhancing data quality, and offering a single picture of product information.
Product information is managed with less human labor because of PIM’s workflow optimization and process automation. PIM shortens the time to market for new goods by offering a centralized data hub that makes accurate and consistent information easily accessible across a range of sales channels.
Yes, PIM solutions in particular are built to effortlessly interface with various corporate systems and apps. Through the removal of silos and improvement of general business processes, this guarantees a coherent and effective flow of data across the organization.
PIM systems are advantageous to companies of all sizes. While bigger firms often deal with complicated data management requirements and enormous product catalogs, product information management company can also help small and medium-sized businesses by guaranteeing data integrity, optimizing workflows, and setting themselves up for future growth.
PIM enhances the purchasing experience for customers by offering multimedia-rich, precise, and consistent product information. Customers will always get the same product information from this, regardless of the channel they choose, which promotes greater customer satisfaction, trust, and an enjoyable buying experience.