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Expanding Beyond the Traditional Sales

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Deliver seamless experiences that match the expectations of your B2B customers

B2B businesses that want to stay competitive need to think beyond the conventional sales channels and reach out to the targeted customers and partners directly through digital sales and partner networks. Our B2B solutions are designed to enable businesses to invite B2B clients for placing orders online, managing product catalogs, delivering personalized experiences, and tracking orders in real-time.

Being a B2B seller can be challenging and differs a lot from the traditional B2C model. Are you facing any of these problems:

  • Inefficiency due to reliance on large catalogs with an extensive product range
  • Inability to provide an e-commerce-like interface to B2B buyers
  • Lost business opportunities due to untapped online presence
  • Lack to access of products at anytime and any place
  • A limited number of payment options for the customers
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B2B Retail E-commerce Features: Enriching the shopping experiences of B2B customers

B2B ecosystem
Manage a complete B2B ecosystem, with products, orders, inventory, customers, suppliers, and partners
Personalized product suggestions
Provide personalized product recommendations to drive sales and capture cross-selling or upselling opportunities
Streamlined checkout process
Render easy checkout where customers can share shopping carts or submit them for review to another customer role in the system
Cross-device compatibility
Ensure seamless access to catalog and coherent customer experiences across all devices and screen resolutions
Customer segmentation
Gather the browsing/shopping information on customers and leverage it to deliver personalized marketing content
Loyalty programs
Create specialized loyalty programs and offer rewards to incentivize your B2B customers for shopping in bulk
Quick repeat orders
Ease the repeat purchases for the customers with a functionality that allows them to order the same set of products repeatedly
Role-based dashboards
Get access to role-based dashboards and user permissions to provide real-time reports to all the stakeholders
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