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Corporate Wellness Solution Design & Development for Alyve Health

Project Highlights

Our client, Alyve Health, is one of the leading corporate wellness service providers, who wanted to create a unique application to promote healthcare & wellness among people. With digitally enabled holistic health & fitness services, the client aimed to boost awareness toward balanced & healthy living. OrangeMantra delivered a unique solution that incorporates a vast list of fitness programs & services list to enable the client to achieve its goal.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The major challenge for the company was to reach people and keep them engaged. The client needed a platform that can entice corporate employees to adopt fitness programs & services and be motivated to stick to activities. Also, their wide range of service offerings should be accessed seamlessly on the platform; Thus, their UX-driven application must be planned & developed perfectly.

Technology Solution

Our team of best business analysts & developers deeply analyzed the client’s business model, examined thorough requirements, decided the scope of features & user expectations, and delivered UX-rich & features-loaded iOS & Android applications. It redefines fitness services & boosts awareness among corporate professionals. Also, the application enables several health & life insurance schemes while allowing access to guided Yoga & Dance classes, stress management, pregnancy exercise & diet charts, immunity booster & corporate wellness solutions.

Value Delivered

Alyve Health has seen rapid growth in the number of people using its mobile app for health purposes. Since its initial release, there has been a surge in downloads on both iOS and Android devices. With corporate wellness and insurance programs, the application has gained an impressive rating on App Store and Play Store. Altogether, the company is planning to offer additional features such as mountain trekking, marathon training, etc., in the future.

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