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Building Digital Estimation & Sales Automation Capabilities

Project Highlights

As the hospitality industry bounced back after the pandemic, the interior design products maker saw a dramatic surge in sales inquiries. But they’re unable to manage the leads due to resource crunch. Sharing estimates and quotes became major problem. They need a solution to automate their overall sales process and eliminate possible redundancy errors. OrangeMantra was the right technology partner to deal with this pressing situation.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The client was looking for a transparent process to maximize and automate sales efficiencies. Before partnering with OrangeMantra, the client relied heavily on manual processes to manage sales related data. The whole process was time-consuming, results into manual errors, and grow operational cost. The client realized the need for an automation solution that could easily manage all sales related information. They were facing work duplicity, lack of communication and challenges of managing large data sets.

Technology Solution

OrangeMantra’s team understood the key challenges and worked closely with the client to address their requirements. We designed and developed a solution that not just automates the estimation-generation process but also digitally streamlines the sales workflow. Our solution architects and engineers built the capabilities keeping in mind the client’s focus on expediting the entire sales process. The automation of previously complex manual sales processes helped them eliminate bottlenecks and increase operational efficiency.

Value Delivered

With an end-to-end automation of the sales process, the sales team was able to focus more on nurturing key prospects. It also sped up the lead closure process. Tulio reported substantial growth in quarterly sales after deploying our solution. Being mobile-responsive helps easy access of information anytime. Easy development of future modular components supported by the layered architecture.

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