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Building Nestle’s Award-Winning Digital Child Nutrition Platform

Project Highlights

Our client, Nestle, has always maintained a unique brand identity and exceptional growth in India. The company’s vast technical landscape calls for innovative services wherein OrangeMantra fits as a technology partner and consultant. They need a tech partner that could build, integrate, and deploy platform for child nutrition management. OrangeMantra being the leading digital transformation consultant, joined hands to ensure smooth and reliable services. By engaging parents, the solution would also ensure a competitive digital presence of the food brand.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Nestlé’s exceptional customer-oriented image was to be maintained while integrating tech solutions in the digital community platforms. The brand had always focused on being the best in the food and beverage category. To keep that image intact is challenging while redesigning the new community platform. Nestlé has been working with several agencies to manage different business verticals. But with no centralized point of contact for communicating with these agencies was hurting their overall business operations. In addition, understanding the target audience & end-user behavior across India was a deep concern. Needed a web platform to help parents deeply understand nutrition and ensure healthier childhood for their kids.

Technology Solution

Since Nestlé’s requirement was not like any other regular client’s demand, we needed the specific vision for starting out. This called for several initial meetups to get in sync with the client. Among all the requirements laid out, CIAM integration was one of the challenging tasks. We were directed to keep the marketing and consumer point of view in mind while introducing even a subtle change in the community website. We additionally needed to keep the cloud-based data-saving infrastructure in place. All of this culminated in the form of a web-based solution for moms. Critical features like custom meal plans, healthy recipes, and expert advice were added. And that’s not all. A growth tracker helps moms monitor the effects of nutrients.

Value Delivered

OrangeMantra provided the required services efficiently to bring in the right kind of exposure and trust in the Nestle services. The client already had a notable brand image that the company was looking to extend, which successfully resulted after OrangeMantra’s digital transformation services were well delivered. In addition, this is the first of its kind digital community focused on child nutrition & immunity. In-depth and easy-to-understand content that answers daily child nutrition questions. We successfully integrated a single user login to enable parents to access a Growth Tracker to track how their children are growing. Regular updates from experts are shared that answers daily nutrition questions.

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