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Hotel Booking & Management App to Enhance Experiences for Customers and Hoteliers

Project Highlights

Our client, the India division of a multination hospitality company, wanted to develop a mobile-app solution that would ease the business operation of hoteliers. The goal was to build a solution that could integrate all content in real time, synchronized and fully automated. The platform should enable the app users to identify the best hotels offering competitive deals and confirm the bookings on the fly, just by paying via different payment options. At the same time, it simplifies booking management process for the client.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

One of the biggest challenges for client was to provide the end user a personalized experience to book hotel of their choice. They want to ensure that the solution meet their legacy of hospitality business. Secondly, they want to include navigable GUI, minimalistic interface elements, targeted page layout, and the use of strategic colors to make the design attractive and intuitive.

Technology Solution

To meet the client’s vision, we gathered their data and started building the mobile app to be able to provide them real digital experience. We built a team for the client to facilitate the communication (Business Development), design and development work for the project. The team conducted several workshops with the client to get a detailed understanding of their requirements and expectations.

After gathering the client’s requirements, we shared our suggestions through a wireframe, with the objective to have a simple though top-notch design for the app. After approval from the client, we created a unique design that was a perfect match for their needs. We started with the logo first and then prepared the app screens with the same look and feel that covered all the required modules in an appropriate UI flow.

Upon the completion of the development phase, our expert QA team jumped in for internal review. Following this, we resolved the issues detected and shared with the app with the client for their review and final feedback. Upon the client’s approval, we submitted the app to the respective iOS and Android stores and made it LIVE.

Value Delivered

We designed and developed iOS and Android Hotel Rooms Booking App solution with the right strategies to meet the business objectives. This app has an exceptional UI/UX along with hi-tech online hotel room booking and rate comparison functionalities. Further, it empowers the client to streamline the booking process as well. Overall, it generated more business for the client and improved customer retention for them. In addition, client have complete access to all their key hotel-related data in the palm of their hand, anytime-anywhere, thanks to the dashboard feature.

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