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Mobile App to Bring Personalized EV Charging Experience for Users

Project Highlights

As more people are switching to electric vehicles, the demand for personalized charging station services is on the rise. Our client decided to build a mobile app to serve both their internal processes and EV owners. Currently, owners of electric vehicles face challenges if they can’t find an operating charging station compatible with their cars. OrangeMantra collaborated with the client to develop an EV charging app that improves the user experience and brings features to manage the back-end process.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

One of the key challenges EV drivers come across is not getting proper charging stations. Drivers of electric vehicles have no proper access to maps to get proper insights. This problem becomes more annoying by the fact that most EV charging stations lack a way to communicate with technicians. Many times, EV charging port is broken, and needs software update or repair.  This consumes the time of drivers in finding the closest charging station that works for a car. Moreover, the client needed an application to manage their back-end activities. It includes real-time data on EV charging points, a list of faulty ones, the power they are consuming, the number of vehicles charging, and operational cost.

Technology Solution

OrangeMantra is involved in developing the back end and front-end of this smart mobile app that serves as a game-changer for the EV industry. In collaboration with the client team, OrangeMantra’s mobility and connectivity team build an electric vehicle charging app. The team analyzed different databases to build a map of EV charging stations. They also worked on different car models and GPS locations to create the shortest routes for EV drivers. Even implemented AI capabilities for predictive analysis of charging station maintenance work.

Value Delivered

This mobile application was a part of the larger project, which will include a charging station monitoring system and better efficiency reporting.  The app not only shares the location of the nearest charging station but the type of interface, cost, time to charge, and much more. The concept and its immediate benefits were highly appreciated by EV owners.

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