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Open Charge Point Interface Protocol to Bring Personalized EV Charging Experience


As more people are switching to electric vehicles, the demand for uninterrupted communication between charge points and EV drivers is on the rise. Our client operates largest EV charging network soon realized the need for a management system (OCPI) that could exchange information about charge points between charge point operator and EV owners. Currently, owners of electric vehicles face challenges if they can’t find an operating charging station compatible with their cars. OrangeMantra collaborated with the client to develop an OCPI that improves their charging station services.




EV & Fleet Management

Our Process

OrangeMantra was involved in developing the OCPI protocol that serves as a game-changer for the EV industry. In collaboration with the client team, OrangeMantra’s mobility and connectivity team build a seamless communication protocol. The team analyzed different charging point operators’ locations to build a map for EV owners. They also worked on different car models and GPS locations to create the shortest routes for EV drivers. Even implemented smart charging capabilities, allowing energy manager to get real-time information about specific chargers on multiple networks. This helps in energy distribution, ensuring everyone get benefit from smart charging.

Requirement Analysis

OrangeMantra collaborated with the client to understand the challenges faced by EV drivers, including access issues, lack of communication, and difficulties in finding compatible charging stations.


The mobility and connectivity team developed a seamless OCPI protocol to facilitate communication between charge point operators and eMobility Service Providers. The protocol focused on real-time data exchange.

Mapping Solutions

The team identified the locations of different charging point operators to create a map for EV owners. They included information on various car models and GPS locations to generate the shortest routes for EV drivers.

Smart Charging Implementation

We added smart charging capabilities, allowing real-time information access about specific chargers across multiple networks. This supported efficient energy distribution and benefited all users of the smart charging system.

The Problem

One of the key challenges EV drivers come across is not getting proper charging stations. Drivers of electric vehicles have no proper access to hardware, software, and back-end infrastructures. This problem becomes more annoying by the fact that most EV charging stations lack a way to communicate with technicians. Many times, EV charging port is broken, and needs software update or repair. This consumes the time of drivers in finding the closest charging station that works for a car. Moreover, the client needed an OCPI to manage their communication process. It shares real-time data of charging points with EV owners. Backend team have complete data of faulty charge points, power they are consuming, and operational cost.

Our Role

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Development
  • Mapping Solutions
  • Smart Charging Implementation

Project Challenges

1.Backend Management

The client needed a real-time communication between charge points and the backend team. Complete data on faulty charge points, power consumption, and operational costs was missing.

2.Personalized Experience

The solution should bring personalized experience for EV owners. They get access to an unlimited number of chargers and received real-time data on the nearest charge point location, availability, and pricing.


EV owners have access to an unlimited number of chargers, giving them facility to charge regardless of the operator. In addition, they get real-time data about the nearest charge point location, availability, and price. OCPI not only shares the location of the nearest charging point but the type of charger, cost, time to charge, and much more. The concept and its immediate benefits were highly appreciated by EV owners.

1.Enhanced Availability

EV owners have access to an extensive network of chargers, irrespective of the operator. The solution has significantly improved the availability of charging stations.

2.Real-Time Data

The OCPI provides real-time data on the nearest charging point, including its location, cost, charging time, and charger type.

3.Positive Response

The presence of OCPI were highly appreciated by EV owners. The personalized charging experience, has elevated the satisfaction levels of EV drivers.

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