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Sales Automation of a Leading Footwear Manufacturer

Project Highlights

Our custom sales automation app facilitates the automation of the enterprise’s processes and streamlines sales for the team and the management. The solution enables the team to complete their job within a minimal time while eliminating the need for the sales representatives to slog for hours. It prioritizes smart work over hard work and banishes time-consuming yet necessary sales-related tasks. In this way, it frees the sales reps from recurring jobs and enables them to focus on their actual job.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The client was looking for a transparent process to maximize sales efficiencies and automate data processing. Before partnering with OrangeMantra, the client relied heavily on manual processes to record sales related data. The whole process was time-consuming, grow operational cost of sales team, and trigger manual errors. The client realized the need for a sales automation platform that could easily manage customer information. They were facing work duplicity, lack of communication and facing burden of managing large volume of data.

Technology Solution

OrangeMantra’s team understood the key challenges and worked closely with the client to address their requirements. After careful consideration, the team implemented a Salesforce automation tool. It helped the client gather all information at centralized location related to sales, dealers, and inventory. It automated the complete data entry process of submitting sales details. The automation of previously complex manual sales processes helped them eliminate bottlenecks and increase operational efficiency.

Value Delivered

Improved operational efficiency with reduced manual efforts and a centralized platform for sales data. Enhanced and automated complete lead and ticket generation process. Reduced turnaround time for product deliveries along with hassle-free placement and tracking of orders. Being mobile-responsive helps easy access of information anytime. Easy development of future modular components supported by the layered architecture.

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