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Implementation of a Data Analytics Solution for a Leading Fashion Brand

Project Highlights

The client is an India-based fashion brand known for its quality, modern and comfortable wearables. They wanted an extended functionality for their data analytics application that can make easy access to reports for its internal operations. To make this possible, client wanted a powerful analytics solution that evaluates the performance of social media campaigns on the basis of behavior analysis, competitor analysis, ROI analysis, and more. These KPIs offer relevant and reliable insight that can be used to frame core business strategies. In addition, a rich user-friendly interface is needed to provide quick and swift access of reports.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

From handbags, shoes to designer wearables, our client offers everything that its customers need. It is not an easy task for a company to know its operational performance as well as customer behavior, while offering a wide range of products from different warehouses. To keep a watch on product inventory, stock, order, sales, and risk is also a challenging task.

Another challenge faced by client before this solution was about the collection of data from various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, blogs, forums, and more and doing real-time analysis of the massive data for creating actionable insights.

Technology Solution

To overcome all these challenges, our client wanted a data analytics solution that can enable them to take better decisions towards running the fashion brand efficiently. It would empower the operations team with relevant & timely data reporting to react quickly.

Since the data to be analyzed was huge in volume, variety, variability, and velocity, the project was a complex one. We decided to start with initial discovery sessions and discussions with the business users to identify their exact requirements. Next, we came up with an advanced solution to match these requirements. Our business analysts also provided training for the business users at the client’s location, as part of the solution’s implementation and roll-out.

Value Delivered

The Customer was satisfied with the solution as it provided a tool for an advanced social media and report analysis. The company is now able to identify sales trends, find out which SKUs and stores were top performer, estimate growth potential as well as optimize sales and marketing activities. In cooperation with OrangeMantra, the customer is also planning to implement extensive solution for data visualization.

The platform we developed provided accurate statistics and real-time sentiment analysis, thus serving as a powerful tool to define a robust social media marketing strategy for the business. The results that came across were impressive.

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