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Simplified & Secure Banking Operations with AWS Cloud Migration

Project Highlights

Our client, a leading banking service provider has a nationwide network of customers. They were looking to migrate their legacy on-premise banking ecosystem to cloud platform. Seeing the demand of modern customers and market change they needed a highly resilient, secure and flexible banking ecosystem. They have wide array of diverse business applications meeting banking needs. They need a technology partner to modernize their infrastructure and streamline technology related processes. 

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The client was using multiple applications to meet banking services. All were on-premise infrastructure, which is, as per the industry standards, considered a high-risk. It even involves complex tasks related to Disaster Recovery Planning. This on-premise infrastructure was a huge barrier for the client to serve their customers with zero downtime and 24/7 services. This required a deep analysis banking cloud migration options, then designing secure infrastructure. Finally, the actual migration of on-premise application to the AWS needs to be performed.

Technology Solution

We started with close cooperation with the client, the OrangeMantra DevOps team evaluated the existing application infrastructure and defined the most relevant technologies for banking cloud migration. We recommended AWS as the platform for its proven computing and storage capabilities. Our specialists augment and strengthen the DevOps activities to built an IT layer. It helped to implement meticulous planning strategies with cross-discipline realignment. Further, we moved to optimize the collaboration between development and operations teams. This helped client with banking application that is robust and complies with the latest industry standards. 

Value Delivered

Adding AWS DevOps services helped the client with the development of a collaborative environment between software development, IT functions and other business departments. The migration achieved higher flexibility in service optimization and continuous improvement. The client have access to a better security posture as well as reduced operational burdens. With migration to AWS cloud, client made big impact in business continuity and data security. Their internal business operations were simplified and banking services turned more optimized.

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