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Super-App Development for A Fast-Growing Fintech Company

Project Highlights

Super-apps have shown the potential to disrupt the digital solutions ecosystem. Since 2009, when Apple made the popular snappy phrase “there’s an app for that,” we’ve come a long way. And our client wanted to capitalize on the rapid evolutions in digital financial services. As a fintech company, they wanted to expand their market presence with a disruptive super-app.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The fintech company lacked the domain expertise needed for succeeding in an app market defined by cutthroat competition—and lots of failures. They needed a concrete and failure-proof plan that addresses every step of the super-app development project. In addition, enabling payment for utility services like electricity, water, and gas needed secure and seamless solutions.

Technology Solution

Before creating the wireframe and the design, we conducted a series of user research. After understanding the interests and needs of the target audience. With the popularity of apps like Paytm in mind, we created designs that focus on UX. Using API integration and payment gateways, we built an array of utility bill payment capabilities. The app also enables financial services like health and care insurance premium payments, mobile bill payments and recharge, and credit card bill payments.

Value Delivered

We launched the super app on Google Play and Apple App Store following pre-launch marketing campaigns. For the fintech company, it was a milestone in terms of its long-term expansion plans. With high competition, the initial customer acquisition was slow. But the super apps started reporting more downloads and usage 3 quarters after the initial launch.

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