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Application Development
& Maintenance for India’s
Top Fashion Brands

About the Client

One of India’s leading fashion designers, Anita Dongre, always wanted to helm her own fashion house. Her signature style reflects an affinity for ethnic craft tradition combined with a modern aesthetic that made Anita Dongre an influential designer in the fashion industry. House of Anita Dongre currently accommodates AND (western wear), Global Desi (boho-chic brand inspired by the folk tales of India), Grassroot (handcrafted wear), and her signature label ANITA DONGRE.

Having to operate multiple sister brands, managing their presence in the digital space was one of the biggest challenges for the client. Plus, the lack of modern IT infrastructure made the problems more overwhelming. It compelled the client to look for a digital solutions provider to modernize their application development and maintenance processes.

  • Enhance the UI/UX experience across websites and applications to match fashion-savvy consumers’ expectations.
  • Website and application audit to identify and fix existing or potential bugs and glitches.
  • Update the software, tools, and extensions for better security and performance.
  • Integrate intelligent automation into the business workflow for increased efficiency.
The Challenges
  • Inferior design and features on website landing pages.
  • The lack of mobile friendliness across websites.
  • Outdated-looking digital storefronts.
  • Slow loading and response time.
  • Finding ways to optimizing business processes.
  • Selection of the most suitable technology for automation.
  • A messy codebase and multiple bugs in the code.
Our Approach

The client wanted to embrace expertise-driven application development and maintenance to meet the evolving market trends and ever-changing customer expectations. The client wanted us to manage, maintain, and update the existing systems to ensure that the applications run smoothly and optimally.

Having catered to numerous eCommerce brands throughout our digital transformation journey, our industry expertise and vast knowledge made the collaboration a long-term partnership with the client. Our flexible, agile, and proven methods, coupled with our data-driven and customer-centric approach, enabled us to help the client manage its business operations efficiently and effectively.

Our Solution

To start with, we followed a systematic approach to identify

  • Underlying business technology and architecture.
  • Site audit and gap analysis.
  • Business and technology readiness evaluation for the change .
  • Roadmap for implementation .

We gained a deep understanding of business vision and expansion plans, along with analyzing its existing customers and prospects. Following the analysis step, we eliminated tech deployment gaps and examined the fashion house’s readiness for the desired tech-driven changes. Our automation team then integrated intelligent solutions into business workflows. Finally, we needed to deliver the experience design across platforms by enhancing UI/UX.

After deployment, we continued to manage and maintain the client’s websites and apps. Our continuing tech support ensures superior speed, performance, and security. OrangeMantra also offers prompt tech support whenever the client needs assistance. We also help the client smoothen the inventory management process, payment and shipping journey, and daily business operations.


We redesigned several digital storefronts for a better user experience. Besides, fully customized the stores to match their business needs and their operational demands.

We incorporated the latest trends to give the client a competitive edge and delivered a scalable solution to meet the future needs of the business.

The Result

The result that the client achieved was a 13% increase in sales within three months. Our solutions and approaches helped the client to meet the changing market needs and expectations of modern shoppers.

Leveraging the latest technology and trends, the client gained a competitive edge in the fashion industry. Today, Anita Dongre is one of the most digital-savvy Indian fashion brands.