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Next-Gen EV Monitoring & Maintenance App for Electric Scooter Owners

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Our client is renowned for making world-class two-wheelers that are destined to redefine vehicle ownership experiences. Inheriting the best from the tech and automotive industry, the company is working hard to bring electric scooters with exceptional IoT connectivity. The company is rapidly growing and enjoying a formidable customer base since its inception. They approached OrangeMantra to build a mobile app solution for consumers to manage electric vehicle navigation systems, notifications, and route planning.

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The automobile industry is rapidly shifting into a new era focused on sustainability. Electricity is increasingly becoming a major source of energy, replacing fossil fuels. At the same time, automated systems are replacing conventional components as the main operators of motorized vehicles.

Recognizing this, the automotive maker wanted to integrate AI-powered predictive maintenance capabilities to handle a large volume of EV data, including data on the performance of individual parts. In addition, pulling accurate map and traffic data from the cloud and sharing it in real-time was a challenge too.


For each new solution, we start with internal workshops to align our processes with those of the stakeholders. We then continue with regular workshops where all decision-makers come together to share their vision, and feedback, and decide on ways to address issues and improve on the new product.

Our mobile app expertise and, in particular, our years of experience with routing algorithms, helped us implement a next-gen EV navigation solution. The EV trip planner developed calculates the most feasible route, considering necessary stops at charging stations. The closest charging points are automatically added to the route so that rider can reach their destination smoothly.

Additionally, the mobile app also notifies drivers by an alert message about the need to check parts that have maintenance schedules mentioned in the vehicle specifications. The map allows riders to view the road a few kilometers ahead and react accordingly for better safety, efficiency, and comfort.


From the initial stages of this project, OrangeMantra has been empowering the client with our automotive mobile app experience. We’ve built several EV map navigation solutions from the scratch and enriched several existing ones. Our collaboration has reinforced our client’s position as a global EV manufacturer within a few years of its inception.

Today, OrangeMantra experts act as trusted advisors for the client. We’re involved in strategic decision-making and regularly bring innovation into app development. The mobile app was developed to continue to make users ride comfortable by offering features like battery consumption information, a route planner with nearby charging stations, and predictive maintenance.

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