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Enhancing Dental Care Operations via Business Automation

The Story

Our client is a prominent dental chain with team of best dentists. They were following a manual process for claim settlement for many years now. With the remarkable growth in digitization and the need to stay ahead of competitors, the client needed to automate claims settlement and billing process. They needed a dashboard solution to have real-time insights on number of claims, pending and closed ones. They decided to build a comprehensive solution to automate end-to-end processes and focus on core competencies. Client partnered with OrangeMantra to address their challenge in the most organized manner.

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The client at a very early stage identified that there is a huge complexity in manual management of bills and claims. The major problem identified from their workflow model that they didn’t exactly have an effective dental claims management system. Manual claims were only getting worse as time went on. Major delays and operational cost were increasing when claims were manually forwarded to different processing departments and back again. We had to develop a system that could automate that work, reduce the paperwork, and seamlessly connect insurers with consumers.


Our team has a deep understanding of modern-day technologies. We were able to automate their clumsy manual reports and spreadsheets with on-demand graphical views. The final product simplifies and automates the work of claim supervisors, finance departments. It is a user-friendly solution that gives all data in glance view. Team time is saved with use of auto validation of legitimate claim based on correct details.


OrangeMantra designed a scalable, easy-to-use, and secure dental claim management dashboard for client. The solution was a real benchmark in terms of claim settlement, customer satisfaction and reduced costs. Claims supervisors have functionality to locate a claim and track its status in an ongoing way, straight from dashboard. Likewise, senior management get notification to certain pressing issues – thus saving business efforts across the board.

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