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Key Features

  • Unique & responsive architecture for quick diverse business needs
  • Day-to-day IT operations and multi-level IT support
  • Process harmonization to empower a single, centralized system
  • Easy-to-use tools for addressing work-related requests
  • Digital-powered workplace experiences for higher productivity
Sri Lanka
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The Story

INSEE Cement, a leading Southeast Asian manufacturing giant, was looking for digital transformation to have a harmonized system. The focus was to integrate global compliance for smooth business operations across countries. Having a massive market base, the company was looking to optimize process efficiency across sales, order, and service channels. The company envisioned having a harmonized culture that comprised people, processes, and systems. 

  • The company has partnered with OrangeMantra to create a multi-tenant platform to accelerate digital transformation. 
  • They wanted to harmonize manufacturing-related processes and departments creating a streamlined system.
  • We drew on the expertise of OrangeMantra experts in digital platform development to convert our client’s idea into reality.
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With the manufacturing operations rapidly getting more efficient, large-scale digital transformation became a prerequisite for the company’s market competitiveness. But with offices and operations spread across Asia, business transformation needed a comprehensive and strategic approach. 

  • The client was using a legacy-based manual system for managing sales, orders & customer-service.
  • The company was looking for a solution to modernize the existing services and wipe off the dependency on multiple software systems. 
  • They were looking to harmonize the entire business operation across diverse markets.  


We transformed their legacy-based manual operations into a new-age, tech-savvy system using micro-services architecture. Using multi-tenant software architecture, we redefined the way the manufacturing giant manages different departments across countries.

  • Microservices enabled the client to handle decentralized data and workflows. 
  • With multi-tenant architecture different departments ranging from sales, production and shipping were on the same platform resulting in efficient business.  
  • The system resulted in a boundary-less structured data flow. 
  • The cloud-powered solution was built with the help of next-gen enterprise software development technology to gather crucial business data.
  • It enabled a consistent user experience in multiple areas of business operations including sales, orders & customer service.
  • Role & user-based, layered, and secured authorized access with single sign-on (ADID) capability with no breach of sensitive data.
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Solution Derived image


The Manufacturing giant was able to harmonize its processes across countries and departments. With a microservices architecture-based approach, the accessibility of solutions improved dramatically. Micro-services also contributed to the overall speed and scalability of the digital ecosystem.

  • With the next-gen multi-tenant software the company was able to manage product, inventory keeping, and customer service with better efficiency.
  • Besides, boundary-less structured data flow ensured fast & hassle-free information sharing across departments.
  • Replacement of business operations working in silos across countries with an empowered single line of control thus truly evolving into a global enterprise structure.
  • It resulted in an overhaul of cross-border sales, order management, and customer service across markets.

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