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Investor Fund Management Solutions for a Reputed Financial Service Company

The Story

Our client is a fully owned subsidiary of one of India’s oldest and most respected financial services companies. A true leader in managing funds that cater to the investment needs of investors experiencing different risk, reward, and liquidity preferences. They wanted to modernize their legacy process and build a dashboard for their customers to manage different mutual funds. After deciding to work with OrangeMantra, the company was able to develop a roadmap to automate their manual fund management process.

Fund Managements

Our client, an innovative provider of fund management solutions, faced the challenge of automating their manual process with a high-end solution. The rising popularity of the financial service provider combined with intense competition between key market players prompted them to build a dashboard solution. The client was no longer able to rely solely on its existing manual process and needed to enhance its engineering capacity. A talent shortage, however, caused difficulties for them to turn their legacy system into a next-gen dashboard solution.

One of our client’s core requirements was getting a team of senior professionals. Besides fulfilling all these basic requirements, OrangeMantra had a proven track record of building dashboard solutions and possessed a strong brand.


OrangeMantra brought on a professional team of developers who operated as a team extension for clients’ core development centers.

As client fund management services were becoming increasingly successful and serving clients, the need for skilled developers intensified. With access to a wide talent pool, OrangeMantra was able to ramp up our client’s team with qualified front-end, back-end, and database developers. We provided all the necessary resources to help our client deliver their dashboarding projects on time.

When the process is completed, all administrative assets will remain unchanged and will be under the client’s full control.


By partnering with OrangeMantra for modernizing a legacy fund management platform, our client obtained a development team who offered new opportunities. OrangeMantra staff augmentation model helped clients, and our long-time cooperation has resulted in the successful launch of dashboard solutions.

OrangeMantra helped the client deliver a state-of-the-art solution that has enriched their customer base. The client has modernized its services by implementing new features like fund management, risk management, 24/7 accessibility, secure transaction, and more. Now it can engage more customers, win their loyalty and gain leadership in the financial services market.