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Driven by a futuristic approach to energy, the client has become one of Asia’s leading distributed energy companies. With a digital-ready logistics business model, the company is expanding its venture to industry domains. The company owns and operates a portfolio of 400+ operational and under-construction solar power projects spread across 24 states in India. It caters to diverse industry verticals, including Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Pharma, Food Processing, and Retail Chains. They were looking to streamline logistics operations across processes using IoT solutions. Improving fleet management by getting real-time data about vehicles’ conditions.

Iot Logistics Solution

The core challenge for client was to blend automation with manual tasks-related capabilities for creating efficient and streamlined logistics operations. Picking cutting-edge technologies and frameworks that perfectly meet the client’s specific requirements. Incorporating mechanisms that ensure fast and flawless data sync in real-time, across processes and users. Mitigating risks associated with potential glitches failures due to improper handling of tech solutions.


Since the client was a new entrant to the logistics industry, they lacked a tech infrastructure to manage operations. For us, the first order of business was to create a roadmap for building processes that connect fleet managers, vehicle drivers, and technicians.

We built an IoT-powered logistics management app that transformed the client’s workflows. Our app covered every aspect of goods transportation, enabling the logistics company with best-in-class technologies. We created features that dramatically boost the capabilities of managers, drivers, and technicians alike. For instance, with a comprehensive back-end dashboard, managers get an overview of processes and activities as they happen.


With this custom IoT app in place, the logistics company achieved a significant boost to its tech infrastructure.

  • Average delivery time became 27% faster.
  • Unexpected vehicle breakdowns rate declined by 66%.
  • Our solution also enhanced the capabilities of drivers, fleet managers, and technicians.
  • Freight managers get the real-time status of every single vehicle and shipment.
  • Superior digital capabilities have helped the company expand services to new markets

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