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Corporate Training Management Solution for a Renowned Research & Advisory Firm

The Story

Our client is one of the leading research & advisory companies. They wanted to develop a learning and training system to educate users and increase its outreach. With interactive and live courses, the company strives to boost its brand presence in the research & development market, while helping professionals & clients to gain expertise in several areas of management, recruitment, & human resources.

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Creating a unique platform that enables its manager to host courses and deliver best-in-class training was an aspect of major brainstorming & market research. Developing a seamless, high-end, and interactive training environment was essential to boost user engagement, motivated & hooked.


Our team of developers & business Analysts devised a unique development & monetization strategy and delivered a highly interactive corporate training & learning platform that allows users to access Articles & basic/premium courses. Using the system managers can conduct training & courses and can subscribe to one. Also, features like a Zoom integration for online learning and article voice streaming, make learning interactive & alluring.


The React-based corporate learning web platform enables the organization to boost employee relationships & productivity while ensuring both brand & users’ growth. With the help of an advanced corporate learning solution, the company is enabling several organizations & professionals to gain expertise in different areas of research & advisory.

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