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Netflix-like OTT App Development Transformed Content Delivery & Increased Profits of a Media Company

Explore how we built an OTT platform that helped a media company to turn around its content delivery and create immersive streaming experiences.

The Objective

A leading media and entertainment company wanted to enter the OTT video service market. The company contacted us with the requirement of developing a video streaming solution.

The client wished to leverage the rapidly-growing market of on-demand video streaming. The company’s project was based on extensive market research. The media company looked thoroughly into the significant evolution of people’s viewing habits. They saw great potential in the video streaming market.

The Challenges Faced by the Client

The most prominent challenges faced by the client were predominantly technology-related. These included confusion over where to store the media content, how to stream video, and how to create a personalized user experience, among others.

How We Approached the Project

This was a unique project due to the nature of its technical requirements. Our business analysts and tech experts thoroughly discussed the requirements with the client. They evaluated the challenges, expectations, and the client’s business model.

Once the requirements, challenges, expectations were clear, the app development team was roped in. Being an award-winning team, the developers quickly grasped the specific needs of the project. And they were prompt to suggest the technology stack.

Following multiple deliberations with the client, we built a team to create a detailed proposal and roadmap. The team comprised of veteran business analysts, tech experts, seasoned app developers, designers, and testers, among others. They created comprehensive plan designing, prototyping, and deploying the OTT app.

Developing the OTT App

Wireframes, User Interface & Prototypes : We created wireframes comprising proposed designs and features of the OTT video app. The developers also build simplified prototypes of the app. Our designers built the UI in a way that blends minimalism with vibrant colors and other design elements.

The App Architecture : We used a microservices architecture to develop the OTT video streaming app. This development approach makes the app a collection of autonomous services that work via APIs. The microservices approach helped developers to make the solution iterate fast and separate it from dependencies.

Cloud Environment for Scalability : The client told us that they plan to expand the services after launching the app. That meant we needed to keep the solution seamlessly scalable. We chose to build the app on the cloud to ensure virtually limitless scalability. The client can easily choose whether to host content from their internal server or the cloud. We used the latest tech tools to ensure the security of both the server and the cloud.

Content Delivery Networks : A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of connected servers. It helps the video streaming service provider to deliver content quickly, cheaply, and reliably. We developed a CDN for the OTT video streaming app.

Along with storing and delivering content, the network also stores a cached version of the content. The cached versions are unique for different geographical locations and audiences. When a user requests for content, the CDN finds the nearest server. The CDN structure helps to significantly decrease traffic in the core network and thus reduces latency.

Key Features of Our Video Streaming App

Fully customizable : Our OTT video streaming platform is personalized according to your specific needs. We leverage a host of the latest app development tools and technologies to create an immersive streaming experience for every user.

Content search & discovery : The search and explore functionalities of the app enables users to quickly find the video content of their choice. It significantly improves the streaming experience and makes the app more engaging.

Wireless screen mirroring : Users can easily cast their videos to a big screen. Wireless screen mirroring capabilities enable users to enjoy videos on bigger screens like a smart TV. Seamlessly connect the app with other devices.

Secure payment gateways : Businesses usually choose a subscription-based model of video streaming services. We integrate the most secure payment gateways into the app so your target audience can subscribe without any hassle.


The Results After meticulous testing by a team of veteran software testers and quality analysts, we deployed the app. As planned, the client launched a subscription-based video streaming service for a diverse range of target audiences.

  • The media company saw tremendous customer response to its newly-launched streaming service.
  • Within a few months following the launch, the company reported a significant number of subscriptions.
  • The company’s brand image improved significantly after launching an app like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar.
  • As the company saw rising demand, they were able to quickly scale up suing the cloud-based environment.
  • The media company earned the desired ROI; its profits also increased.