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Hire Ionic Developers to Build Feature-rich Hybrid Apps

Write once, run anywhere. The ionic framework is a free, open-source HTML5 framework that makes the development of hybrid mobile apps easier and faster. You can consider the Ionic framework as a front-end user interface that manages the look and feel of your mobile app to gives it an attractive and elegant look.

We are armed by the most seasoned Ionic app developers who are well-versed in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, and more. Our Ionic developers bring cutting-edge technology with their expertise and creativity on one platform to nurture the requirements of our global clientele. We offer to hire Ionic framework developers with flexibility in engagement models and the most affordable prices.

  • Up to 70% Cost Saving
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Up to 2x Less Time
  • Complete Control Over Team
  • Adaptive and Agile App Development
  • Quick and Easy Onboarding
  • Zero Billing Guarantee
  • No Contract Lock-ins

Why Hire Ionic Framework Developers for Mobile App Development?

Ionic is a free, open-source SDK and SaaS-based user interface framework for building native-like hybrid mobile apps. The framework has completely modernized the cross-platform mobile app development process. Here are some of the reasons to hire Ionic framework developers for your next project.

  • Open-source Framework
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost-efficient
  • High Performance
  • Attractive and Appealing UI
  • Multi-platform Compatibility
  • Easy and Seamless Integration
  • Fast Development
  • An Ideal Mobility Solution

Our Wide Range of Ionic App Development Services

We offer a wide range of Ionic app development services for both web and mobile app solutions that are robust, rich, fully-functional, and combine essential features to meet your business requirements. Hire freelance Ionic developers from us to handle the complex mobile app development project requirements today!

Ionic UI/UX Design

UI/UX designs are the soul of any application as appealing visuals play a significant role in attracting and engaging users. Our creative and well-trained design team employs state-of-the-art technology and tools to create a remarkable application.

Get in touch with us to hire our Ionic UI/UX developers for impeccable application designs.
  • User-friendly App Designs
  • Responsive App Designs
  • Advanced Tools and Technology
  • Best Approach for Designing
  • Certified Ionic Developers

Ionic Widget Development

We can help you develop a user-friendly, simple yet powerful application that runs flawlessly on all platforms. Our proficient Ionic app developers have the right plan for your venture to build application widget development.

Hire freelance Ionic developers from us to create betters application widgets to provide the best user experience to the site visitors.
  • Certified Ionic developers
  • Easy-to-us Widget Software
  • Accurate and Expertise Plans
  • Appealing User Interface
  • Custom Widget App Development

Ionic Framework Integration

Our top-notch Ionic application developers have in-depth knowledge of IONIC creator and IONIC CLI which makes the Ionic app development project easy to manage, saving time for developers as well as clients.

Our developers have an iron grip over Ionic technology as well as deep knowledge about the backend databases like Firebase, etc. We are proficient in creating feature-rich applications and enhance the functionalities of the existing Ionic mobile application by integrating popular plugins like PhoneGap, etc.
  • Vast Knowledge of the Ionic Framework
  • Full Command on Backends
  • Seamless and Hassle-free Integration
  • Addition of Essential Features
  • The Right Approach to Integration

Ionic Template Development

Do you have an awesome idea in your mind for an Ionic design or template? Then you have landed the right place. Our Ionic developers can create templates as per your project requirements and make sure that you’re satisfied with the solutions.
  • Excellent Template Development
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Custom Template Development
  • Cutting-edge Tools
  • Timely Updates to Clients

Ionic Migration

Do you want to migrate your application to the Ionic development platform? We are here to help you out. Increase the performance and functionality of your app by leveraging the benefits of the Ionic framework. Refine your custom scripts and versions across several files. Simply hire Ionic framework developers from us for any type of migration.
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Advanced and Agile Methodology
  • 100% Security and IP Protection
  • Development and Processed Under Expert’s Supervision
  • Custom Scripts
  • Fast and Secure Migration
  • Dedicated Ionic Framework Developers
  • Handling of Lifecycle Hook Changes

Ionic Plugin Development

Hire freelance Ionic developers to get powerful plugins for your web and mobile apps at the most affordable prices. Our proficient Ionic developers design the base code using the Ionic framework across multiple platforms. Get the most responsive applications that cater to the needs of your users and provide you with 100% satisfaction.
  • Proven and Result-oriented Strategies
  • Attention to Minute Details
  • Onsite and Offsite Working Model
  • Custom Plug-in Development, Customization, and Integration

Ionic Maintenance and Support

We work closely with our clients during the Ionic app development process to reduce the error rate up to 95% and deliver user-specific results. Yet we ensure that our after-launch support and maintenance services always leave our clients happy and satisfied. Hire an Ionic app developer to leverage the benefits of our customer-valued services.
  • 24×7 Support & Maintenance
  • Strict Adherence to NDA Terms
  • Complete Source Code Authorization
  • Assured Transparency of Process
  • High-end Security and IP Protection

Ionic App QA and Testing

Hire Ionic framework developers to get high-quality and fully tested applications. Our QA experts use their vast knowledge and experiences to scan your app for any existing or potential error or flaws, fix them, and deliver projects on time. They also update your codebase to eliminate potential vulnerabilities and flaws.
  • Certified Quality Analysts
  • Modern Testing Approach
  • Testing with Live Entities
  • Cross-checking the App Code
  • Use of Advanced Techniques

Flexible Working Models – Hire Ionic Developers as Per Your Preference

The Magento Developer Group team has a dedicated team of specialists committed to building a secure, and smooth stores with 100% satisfaction.


We are flexible enough to work with you at your development center. Get top-class on-site technical assistance at the handsome cost.


Leverage the benefit of working with our Ionic app developers at our workstation. We’ll keep you and the hired app developers in the loop of communication at the time of the project development reporting.


Take advantage of both the onsite and offsite working models to achieve the desired goals. Hire Ionic developers from us who are ready to work from both ends.

We Offer a Variety of Hiring Models

Fixed Price Hiring

If you have a well-planned project, we suggest you to share your project requirements with us and we will provide you with a fixed quote for development. This model is suitable for startups.

Dedicated Hiring

If you have an enterprise-grade project that requires full attention, then you should hire dedicated Ionic app developers for your project development.

Hourly Hiring

If you’re a sole entrepreneur and not sure about the graphs of the work, we suggest going with the hourly hiring model so that you can hire an Ionic app developer as and when needed.

Our 5-Step Hiring Process

  • 1Submit Your Requirements
  • 2Discuss Your Project Feasibility
  • 3Deploy Resources
  • 4Select Engagement Model
  • 5Sign-off and Get Started

Our Industry-specific Expertise in Ionic App Development

When you hire Ionic app developers from Orange Mantra, you get a team of developers who are specialized in a wide range of industry verticals serving all types of startups, small businesses, and large enterprises.

  • Healthcare
  • Education & E-Learning
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Banking & Finances
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • And More

Why Hire Ionic Developers from Orange Mantra?

Write once, run anywhere. The ionic framework is a free, open-source HTML5 framework that makes the development of hybrid mobile apps easier and faster. You can consider the Ionic framework as a front-end user interface that manages the look and feel of your mobile app to gives it an attractive and elegant look.

  • A Pool of Professional Coders
  • Cost-effective Hybrid App Solutions
  • Your Idea is Kept Secret with NDA
  • Complete Source Code Authorization
  • Regular Updates and Reporting
  • Ionic App Support
  • 100% Security and IP Protection
  • Speedy Project Delivery
  • Bug-free Ionic Apps
  • Flexible and Scalable Team
  • 24×7 Availability

Looking for an Affordable and Full-stack Flutter App Developer?


There are several factors that play a crucial role in determining the cost of Flutter app development. You can discuss your app idea with our Flutter app consultants and get a free no-obligation quotation.
After considering all your project requirements, we assign a dedicated and seasoned Flutter app developer to work on your project under a well-built infrastructure. You are free to conduct as many interviews as you want before hiring a developer of your choice.

You can even add more developers with diverse skills and expertise to your team in case you’re not satisfied with the delivered output by the previously hired developer. We ensure 100% project development success so that you stay stress-free and enjoy peace of mind.
Businesses and enterprises that are looking for shorter development cycles and cost-effective solutions can opt for Flutter app development. Flutter is an open-source, fast, and well-structured app development framework from Google with a Unicode system and plenty of other facilities. Thus, Flutter is going to have a bright future in the mobile app development industry.
Flutter facilitates a smooth and easy cross-platform mobile application development. That means you don’t need to build an iOS and Android app separately.
Here are some more benefits of choosing the Flutter framework for mobile app development:
  • It is a free and open-source framework
  • It is written in Dart which is a fast, prominent object-oriented coding language
  • Flutter helps in developing widget-rich apps
  • Flutter apps need less testing
  • Flutter has a Unicode system
  • Build the same app User Interface on older mobile devices without extra cost
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