Sharepoint intranet portal for world-leading liquor manufacturing company


Development of a robust cloud-based intranet portal in SharePoint environment for world-leading liquor manufacturing company. The client wanted the portal to be equipped with a granular level of permission for accessing content on the basis of the department role. It was to be used by PRI employees to access documents and information, both at enterprise level and personal level.


The client was looking for an application that addressed the key challenge to streamline the approval of the content/requirement by meeting the expectations of multiple stakeholders. There was a common landing page for all the PRI employees, irrespective of departments & roles. However, the client wanted the content to be visible only to the employees with the relevant roles. As a solution, proper workflow had to be created in SharePoint with multilevel approval for policy publishing, leader’s message circulation, online request form etc. Also, the business model aligned with the revenue structure of the client was yet to be established.


A streamlined comprehensive robust cloud-based intranet portal in latest Sharepoint 2019 version was deployed for the client. There are similar ones that will soon roll out in other branch location Sri Lanka and middle east.

  • The team made it a point to gain a proper understanding of the on demand application or solution industry
  • Provided a fast-loading application or web platform with no technological failure or risk by doing a proper testing
  • Focused on creating multiple User Acquisition channels
  • Integrated a statistics feature that an admin can see the clear stats of the list of service providers and their jobs along with earnings and commissions
  • Made an application on the latest version of using technology with proper maintenance of an app
  • Gave the project delivery on time by doing the hard work and smart work

We proposed the client to execute the BA exercise for the initial one month, where only a BA will interact with the process owner & department owner. The BA interacted with each department owner to gather requirements, document them, and get them validated. Wherever process flow was involved, the BA designed the business process flow and got it approved. Once these documents got validated, they created the wireframe and also got approval from the department owner. Based on wireframe, they came up with a UI/UX design and took the project ahead. At the end of BA exercise, we submitted the proposal with a precise timeline as we handle each and every requirement with a granular level. We used agile approach to create the system with iterations of development, testing and feedback on every module to confirm that it works properly when put together with the whole system. Our in-depth Planning and research behind prototyping helped us to ensure that it ran as per the client’s expectation. For the security and authenticity of the information, we used the secured hash algorithms and internet protocols for encryption/decryption and also tested the application for sandbox and production environments.