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SharePoint DMS Enhances Operations of a Multinational Alcoholic Beverage Company

About the Client

Pernod Ricard India, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard SA, is one of the fastest-growing multinational alcohol beverage companies. The company delivers the highest-quality alcoholic beverages across the country. It has maintained a competitive position as a genuine, friendly, and responsible brand turning every social interaction memorable for customers. Pernod Ricard is home to several popular liquor brands in India, including Royal Stag and Blenders Pride. PRI was facing the pressing challenge of maintaining, organizing, accessing, and distributing enterprise-level information & content. It approached us to build a seamless and reliable document management system (DMS).

  • Building a tech-enabled solution that helps PRI manage the extensive flow of information & documents across respective departments.
  • Developing an integrated Document Management System to store, manage, and track electronic documents across the organization.
  • Creating a DMS for sharing documents with like-minded liquor producers who wanted to collaborate with PRI.
  • Improving collaboration, information security, and maximum usability via a scalable document management solution.
  • Maintaining, organizing, sharing documents and crucial pieces of information was increasingly becoming challenging for PRI.
  • With a rapid business expansion and growing workforce size, seamless information flow across departments became more challenging.
  • The company needed to get the approval of content/requirements by meeting the expectations of multiple stakeholders.
How We Approached

We started off the project with our team of SharePoint experts, software developers, and business analysts thoroughly understanding the client requirements. They evaluated the requirements, gathered information strategically, and keep a close check on the efficient document management system specifics like the following:

  • What kind of documents and content, the client wanted to create in the DMS?
  • What kind of information template for each document to be used?
  • What metadata to provide for each content?
  • Where to store the document to manage the seamless flow of information in DMS?
  • How to manage the control access of documents at each stage of the life cycle?
  • How to move the docs with the respective team members and departments and how to review, edit, approve, publish, and dispose of the same?
The Solution We Built

Our team helped the client develop a robust Document Management System (DMS) based on SharePoint showcasing seamless performance and safety. With the combined efforts of our industry-led experts, we successfully created the solution for PCI composed of the several features mentioned below.

  • Saving documents directly to the SharePoint document library and built-in share commands for workers to read and edit files.
  • External document sharing feature with vendors or customers. Share individual documents, share a guest link to view the files, or share an entire site by inviting external users to sign in and access.
  • Four-level security of the organizational documents. The levels include collection, subsites, document libraries, and item levels.
  • Versioning feature to look at the new and previous versions of documents and view the version history.
  • Seamless collaboration of stakeholders working on the same document simultaneously.
  • Custom preferences to set filtering options accordingly.
  • SharePoint search feature to quickly locate documents.

With the deployment of a streamlined, comprehensive, and cloud-based intranet portal, the company’s document management processes evolved dramatically. For a beverage manufacturing giant, it meant technological uniqueness in workflow management and communication with external stakeholders.


We successfully deployed a streamlined, cloud-based DMS built on the latest version of SharePoint. It helps PRI in sharing and managing documents across departments, improved collaboration, accessibility, and organization. Pernod Ricard India experienced a significant increase in operational efficiency following the deployment.

  • Document sharing and management across departments became seamless.
  • Access to content was organized according to employees’ roles and departments.
  • Collaboration with other organizations and content approval became much smoother.
  • Pernod Ricard India reported a significant increase in operational efficiency following the deployment.