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Features of Magento

Give your existing online retail store a makeover by choosing the right platform & get to know about Magento features.

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Top Features of Magento eCommerce Platform

Magento is a leading eCommerce development platform that is feature-rich, scalable, flexible, and intuitive. It is open-source software for large, medium, to small retailers to start a profitable online retail platform by capitalizing on numerous advanced features and robust functionalities. The platform offers a series of development benefits from catalog management, creating marketing strategies, SEO, supply chain management, to security. Magento eCommerce store offers an exceptional level of shopping experience owing to its wide range of features.

Magento is one of the few eCommerce platforms that enable users to easily update, upgrade, disable, or edit their website accordingly. It provides the freedom to add, delete, edit, and publish website content, especially related to product descriptions, web page content blogs, and more. Also, this platform is endowed with several Magento eCommerce features for mobile, making it a valuable choice for a majority of online retailers.

Top-Notch Features of Magento Platform

Magento offers everything to set up a new eCommerce store right from the scratch. It is also best for migrating the existing platform and witness world-class features to meet the enterprise’s requirements.

Website Management

With Magento, get an in-built Content Management System (CMS) for all the landing pages. This feature helps to easily manage the website pages at the backend without needing any coding knowledge. It further provides multiple languages support to, CAPTCHA for user authentication, customized templates, tax calculation, and other features for end-to-end website management.

Catalog Management

One of the important elements of an eCommerce store is seamlessly managing the catalog. No matter, how large or small your retail enterprise is, manage catalogs on the Magento platform flexibly. The platform offers a vast array of features like simple, bundled, grouped, and configurable products category depending on your requirement. Also, it provides additional features including dynamic product pricing, limitless product attributes, social sharing of products, and more.

Search Engine Optimization

Setting up an eCommerce store on the Magento platform is one part of the job. The other is bringing quality web traffic that leads to increased conversions and more sales. Implementing the attributes of SEO is a long-term strategy to enhance the organic traffic of your website. Magento platform offers in-built search engine optimization support to create customized Meta Tags, Descriptions, URLs, find related keywords, and start white-hat SEO campaigns for gaining maximum traction and attendance.

Order Management

Magento eCommerce platform dashboard provides an insight view of the orders placed, previous orders, and shipped ones. Dedicated users can make the best use of this feature to create, edit, and view orders at any point in time. Easy to access interface of the dashboard provides an additional set of features like shipping labels, invoice printing, packaging slips, order status customization, order notifications by email, multiple invoices, credit memos, and more.

Advertising & Marketing

Marketing campaigns are the real essence of an eCommerce website to grab the attention of the targetted audience. A successful online retail store needs to develop occasional advertising and campaigns to reach potential customers and make them purchase products from your platform. With Magento store, you can access a wide range of marketing tools to apply discount coupons, deals, promotions, codes, and more. It also provides the functionality of monitoring a particular marketing campaign, analyzes the performance, manages newsletters, etc.

Shipping & Checkout

With Magento, you can provide your customers the flexibility to add several products to the cart and place an order via any payment medium. Seamless shipping & fast checkout are essentials of a successful eCommerce store. With this, you can avail of multiple features like Single-Page Checkout, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Payment Gateway integration, support for orders, shipping module integration, and more.


Tracking the marketing campaign is essential to know its expected performance. Without tracking the same, you will not find out whether your marketing hit the desired target or came down to a completely failed approach. To do this, Magento comes packed with an in-built analytics & reporting feature to have a close view of the performance of the campaign and let you focus on the loopholes.


The eCommerce security should be taken into concern to safeguard the personal details and transactional information of existing customers. You need to reduce the risk of security attacks and prevent hacking on your website. Magento is the one-stop solution for this and finds secure features like two-factor authentication, Google ReCaptcha, etc. All these features ensure an optimum level of security while registering, login, filling up Contact Form, Admin login, and forgot password.

Features of Magento 2 Platform

Magento 2 is the next big thing for eCommerce partners finding new and upgraded features as compared to the previous version. If you want to invest in Magento 2 development or Magento 2 migration, then do know about the features of this platform.

Fast Search

Magento 2 offers extensive and fast search features for customers to look for the preferred choice of products. A quick search of products leads to fast conversions and increasing the ROI of your enterprise.

Smart Product Creation

Magento 2 offers new and improved product creation tools for users to facilitate smart product creation. It enables the users to add products to the store much quicker than before.

Ajax Cart

Ajax Cart on Magento 2 platform makes the best use of JavaScript to add products directly to the cart instead of reloading the entire page. Reducing the loading time of the products leads to a responsive experience for customers to shop more from you.

Improved Data Filtering

Magento 2 offers a robust data grid view allowing you to customize the attributes of products accordingly. This results in clear visualization of the interface and sees the data in real-time.

Multiple Admins

With Magento 2 platform, you can create multiple admins to manage the website efficiently and extensively. It then helps to widen up the website’s product catalog and customer-based managed by multiple admins.

Product Videos

Magento 2 brings the functionality of adding videos to the website from Youtube or through any other medium. It appears like a great way to promote your merchandise through a better visual medium and making an impact on customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Magento is a popular open-source eCommerce platform for retailers to start a result-oriented online retail website. It offers a plethora of robust features to set up the platform, increase web traffic, build customized solutions, and add content in a hassle-free manner.

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