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Health & Fitness App Development

Deliver tech-enabled healthcare & fitness services with feature-rich mobile apps.

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Remodeling Fitness & Healthcare with Tech Solutions

Most smartphone users nowadays use mobile apps to track their health and stay fit. Health and fitness app development open a vast new world for healthcare service providers and other businesses.

Professionals and service providers like gym owners, yoga teachers, personal trainers, dietitians have greatly benefitted from fitness apps. They are dramatically changing the way health and fitness services are delivered. Businesses in areas like food and personal care are also incorporating fitness apps to their services.

At OrangeMantra, we build a diverse range of fitness apps as part of our Healthtech Solutions development. We’re driven by the idea of making health care more tech-enabled, effective, and engaging.

Remodeling Fitness & Healthcare with Tech Solutions Remodeling Fitness & Healthcare with Tech Solutions

Key Features of Our Health & Fitness Apps

From immersive interfaces to easily understandable analytics, our fitness apps are replete with interesting features.

Attractive Design  

User Interfaces and themes that make your app experience engaging. The designs also ensure that app navigation is frictionless.

User Account Creation

Users can create their profile on the app and incorporate user details, profile picture, etc. Users also get a custom dashboard for their fitness data.

Wearables Compatibility

You can connect and install these apps for wearable devices. The compatibility with wearable technology makes fitness apps more useful and effective.

Key Features of Our Online Grocery Retail Solutions

User Activity Tracking

Monitoring & analyzing users’ fitness activities is a key functionality of the apps. The tracking is based on the most evolved software and internet technologies.

Location-based Services

Using your location data, the app can provide you with a list of fitness centers, gyms, spas, and dietitians near you. Location functionalities also help to track activities like jogging, running, etc.

Social Media Sharing

The apps allow you to chare your fitness milestones on various social media platforms. Buttons for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are built in with sharing options.

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Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your Fitness App Development Partner

With an award-winning mobile app development team in place, we’re confident about delivering you the perfect fitness app. Our development services cover a wide range of health & fitness app requirements.

rapid App Development

Rapid App Development  

Our development team has a reputation for delivering apps without the shortest time without compromising quality.

Analytics & Dashboards

Analytics & Dashboards

We incorporate the most advanced features of data analytics with attractive dashboards that enhance users’ app experience.

Experienced Designers & Developers

Experienced Designers & Developers  

Our team is composed of some of the best minds in the apps development industry. Their expertise has helped us become a trusted name in the industry.

International Quality Standards

International Quality Standards

All our solutions are developed according to the quality benchmarks set by the global community of mobile app developers. Also, we adhere to all major software quality standards.

Our Fitness App Development Offerings

A comprehensive bundle of fitness app development offerings to meet the needs of all professionals and service providers.

  • Fitness App UI/UX Design
  • Fitness Tracking App Development
  • Wearable Fitness App Development
  • Yoga Teaching App Development
  • Nutrition App Development
  • Personal Trainers’ App Development
  • Healthcare Providers’ App Development
  • App Maintenance & Tech Support
Our Fitness App Development Offerings

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Frequently Asked Questions

A fitness tracking app monitors all your health and fitness-related activities, such as walking, running, and workout. You can easily see the information about your fitness activities on the app’s dashboard. You can download these apps from an app store.
The cost of developing a fitness app mainly depends on your requirements. If you need a fitness app with basic features, the development cost would be comparatively lower. OrangeMantra offers competitive pricing for all kinds of fitness apps.
If you are a developer, you need to follow the standard mobile app development process along with some additional steps. If you are a professional service provider, you can easily hire mobile app developers to build a fitness app for you. We offer flexible plans for hiring mobile apps developers.