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As smartphone-centric infotainment systems become essential for discerning on-road experiences, vehicles need to connect with diverse software products and services. At the same time, there is a need to create driver-focused designs for automotive human-machine interfaces. The goals of these interfaces range from keeping the driver’s attention on the road, to increasing vehicle safety and comfort, reducing distractions, and offering options for personalization. The experts at OrangeMantra are capable of designing innovative HMI solutions that improve the human-vehicle interactions, shorten the driver response time, and deliver exceptional user experiences augmented with mobile features. We excel at creating automotive HMI software which is mobile by the design.

UI for the instrument cluster

Creating high-power navigation software that is adapted for instrument clusters of the vehicles

Integrated web and mobile navigation

Building apps that facilitate seamless integration between web and mobile navigation systems

Head-up displays

Designing feature-rich applications for HUDs to enhance the driving experience manifold

Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

Enabling rear seat entertainment with software for audio, video, navigation, and in-car internet.

Voice recognition and guidance

Developing apps that provide cloud-based voice recognition and guidance services for the drivers.

Realistic 3D rendering

Leveraging innovative and industry-specific tools for rendering exceptionally realistic 3D graphics.

What Makes Us Stand Apart

Substantial testing experience

Excelling in automotive design

A team of UX/UI specialists with expertise in automotive HMI design gives us a distinctive advantage for creating high-value products and solutions.

Focus on secure SDLC

Ensuring safety in navigation

Our engineers possess extensive knowledge and experience in designing navigation and HMI solutions that can ensure safe navigation and routing.

Stringent penetration testing

Generating real-time traffic updates

Our solutions facilitate integration between HMI, navigation and in-car infotainment systems and cloud-based location platforms for generating relevant data

A holistic approach

Developing end-to-end HMI solutions

Trust us for integrating HMI software with the cloud and mobile devices to transform driving experiences beyond expectation.

Technologies We Leverage

  • c-plus-plus
  • qml-dot-net
  • qt
  • oracle
  • vmware
  • kubernetes
  • open-gl
  • android
  • IOS
  • docker
  • python
  • amazon-aws

Human Machine Interfaces
Delivering Better Driving Experiences

Enhanced in-vehicle experience

Enhanced in-vehicle experience

Automotive HMI solutions enhance the driving experiences by enabling interactions with multi-touch dashboards, touchpads, control panels, built-in screens, pushbuttons, and more. They transform a vehicle into an ecosystem of interconnected parts that work in tandem to make driving personalized, adaptive, convenient, safe, and enjoyable. Empowered by embedded sensors and smart systems, HMIs make the vehicle capable of responding to the intent and preferences of the driver.

Autonomous vehicles become a reality

Brands that want to augment their offerings by including autonomous vehicles in them need to discover the true potential of HMI solutions. The futuristic HMI designs aim to prepare drivers for passing over the control to their vehicles. Basically, an HMI functions like a driver’s navigator, assisting them to make the right decisions in critical events. It enables them to interact with external devices to park the vehicle, avoid obstacles, and prevent microsleep. It enhances flexibility and safety for autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicles become a reality
Total control for drivers

Total control for drivers

Automotive HMI solutions give drivers total control over vehicle functionalities, making them more responsive to human interactions. A holistic HMI design provides an in-car feedback system that encourages the drivers to realign their driving habits for improved performance, on-road safety, and high fuel efficiency. At the same time, an HMI responds to the rapidly changing road situations and provides remote diagnostics. Both play a crucial role in preventing vehicle malfunctioning and lowering the risk of accidents.

Automotive Brands We Have Served

  • Hero
  • magneti marelli
  • Pitzo
  • Ashoklayland
  • coverking

Let’s help your brand and vehicles build a reputation for delivering better driving experiences.