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Navigation & Mapping

With digital transformation becoming commonplace for the automotive players, everything about the industry has changed. Beyond the concepts of connected and autonomous vehicles, the in-car navigation systems have witnessed an evolution as well. Brands know the importance of connecting the vehicle, driver, and external environment with reliable navigation solutions to make it possible. If you want to empower your brand with an innovative navigation solutions, we can help. The accurate, real-time intelligent mapping solutions we provide ensure secure navigation and vehicle mapping anywhere and any time. Our solutions align all map features with Navigation Data Standard (NDS) to make sure that the route is always safe and clear.

What Makes Us Stand Apart

Collaboration with leading automotive brands

Our clients include some of the leading and globally recognized brands from the automotive industry

Expertise in navigation solutions

Our team has extensive expertise and experience with automotive navigation software development projects

Optimization of maps for the best UX

We create navigation interfaces and custom GPS apps that enhance usability and shorten the response time

Technologies We Leverage

Connected Navigation & Mapping Transform The Automotive Industry

Enhance Driving Experiences

Advanced navigation and mapping solutions enable vehicle manufacturers to deliver premium in-car services that enhance the driving experiences manifold. By investing in immersive mapping systems, you can provide improved map visualization with 2D and 3D rendering, reflections, scattering, surface shading, and halo effects. Such innovative mapping software can reinvent the everyday driving experiences and replace conventional navigation with augmented reality systems. Additionally, they are capable of creating high-quality, dynamic projections that take customer-machine interactions to the next level.

Why Opt OrangeMantra for Blockchain Technology Solutions

Why Opt OrangeMantra for Blockchain Technology Solutions

Improve Map Accuracy

Autonomous vehicles run on data and require detailed and thorough information about every inch of the road ahead. Since accuracy is essential to run these vehicles, you need a solution that ensures constant updates for the maps even when there are the slightest changes on the road. Whether it is a traffic jam, an accident, or a construction zone, the maps should be able to react and realign right away. Moreover, you must have an application that renders high-definition maps with up-to-the-minute information to empower the onboard navigation systems of driverless vehicles.

Fulfill Regulatory Compliance

Optimization of navigation and map data formats is critical to comply with the global navigational standards. Self-driving vehicles, therefore, need precise and accurate map data. Further, they should be aligned with the standardized rules and map formats such as the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) to enable routing and traffic roll-out. Brands require dependable navigation and mapping services which enable them to achieve NDS compliance while providing the customers with proprietary data formats that ensure secure on-road experiences for them.

Why Opt OrangeMantra for Blockchain Technology Solutions

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