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Insurance Agency Management Software Development

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Agency Management Software

Insurance Agency Manages a Large Amount of Data of individuals consisting of small details about their users such as an address, term plan, their contact details, age, the premium, and much more. Handling such big data requires either a large number of manual hardworking employees or a couple of employees using proficient Agency Management Software. As your Insurance business develops, it turns out to be progressively significant that your data helps in your everyday work process instead of hindering it.

OrangeMantra Insurance Agency Management System permits you to amplify your office’s potential by expanding your capacity to hold current clients while securing new business. Discover the entirety of your client’s statements, strategies, and archives in one coordinated spot and effectively remarket with forward-thinking data that is synchronized from your everyday strategy downloads.

Agency Management Software Services

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Cases Management Software

Deal with your Claims through the claims management framework. It permits you to enroll the principal report of misfortune and record all the important data for its enlightening handling.

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Strategy Management Software

This full development of the strategy management suite empowers the client to make cites, uphold strategies, do supports, restorations or abrogations.

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CRM Software

Track your correspondence in one spot; this turns into a contact store for every one of your customers, dealers, specialists, or sellers. This module deals with your contacts and permits you to participate in up-selling or strategically pitching.

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Mobile App Development

This is a self-administration entryway for clients, where one or the other web or mobile clients can see and deal with their approaches or raise a concern through intuitive talks.

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Organization Portal

Set up your Agencies or deal with your representatives from here. The specialist gateway is effectively configurable at a specialist level for better control. It takes into consideration continuous information trade between representatives/specialists and clients.

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Verification of Insurance

Change the verification of the protection work process by digitizing it at the most significant level, while smoothing out and making the entire interaction reliable and straightforward. It has the capacity to compose protection contracts on the Blockchain register.

Benefits of Insurance Management System


Lead and Customer Relationship Management

It is the core functionality of CRM programming, and no other programming can deal with customer connections better than CRM.


Cloud-based AMS

Cloud facilitating permits your representatives to work easily even while telecommuting. Besides, cloud-based protection CRM for organizations offers first-rate data security.


Contact the executives

Insurance CRM guarantees that the organization’s book of business is coordinated in a spotless, productive, and transparent way.


Work-flow Automation

With the help of Automating routine projects, organizations can help their representatives work more intelligently and accomplish more in less time.


Real-Time Analytics

With CRM, organizations can keep a heartbeat on business and address circumstances before they become issues.


Automated reports

Directors and specialists need not go through hours getting information and building reports. The framework naturally creates singular/group execution reports, gives an account of policies sold, and more

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Our Tech Stacks

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  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • NPM
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • java
  • Node.js
  • Vue.js
  • JSON
  • Grunt
  • AJAX
  • Grape API
  • SQL
  • MongoDB

Types of Insurance Agency Softwares

Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurers

OrangeMantra covers P&C strategy subtleties and automates restoration features by overseeing the claims work process. Insurers can computerize and digitize business measures through one bound together dashboard.

  • Multiline, multi-location rating on a single policy
  • Automated, special case-based endorsing by hazard type, client type, strategy type with adaptability by the exchange type

Healthcare Insurers

OrangeMantra turns the health care insurance business with digitized dependence on productivity. Back-up plans can modernize frameworks and plan measures with a robotized programming.

  • Lifts the promotion of new-gen innovation with an examination of Health claims reports
  • Wizard to computerize recurring installments

Life Insurers

OrangeMantra speeds up Life insurance plan’s speed-to-market by modernized approach lifecycle. Insurances can create and produce new life and annuity plans with protection programming.

  • Supports computerized rule-based insurance for less perplexing/low presumptive worth applications
  • Plan your Life protection organizations by utilizing the force of examination

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Custom applications

Delivering quality with custom-designed softwares that are fitted to coordinate with interesting requirements and difficulties of the customer’s business

Talented Developers

Skilled and Experienced developers with more than 5+ years of experience in software development.

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Information on the most recent application development patterns and innovations to guarantee remarkable applications for your business

Amazing Track record

Amazing history with many fruitful and performance-oriented applications.

Various customer base

Experience in serving insurance software development ability to cross-industry client base across the globe.

Timely delivery

Zero in on delivering the tasks in the cutoff times while focusing on quality continuously.

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