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Want to attract more customers? Well here’ s how, get a custom website designed by Orange Mantra – A Magento Development Company. This elite group of graphic designers and engineers will create a website that will take your business to the next level. Don’ t have a business? Well that’ s no problem, we also make websites for independent artists, bloggers, really if you want a website we will make one for you. A majority of our clients though are either non-profit organizations or corporate type businesses who are trying to attract more customers and/or supporters to their website.

Magento Developer in Canada

Orange Mantra is one of the top open source e-commerce companies that work with clientele not only in Canada but all over the world. Our Megento developers are expert in designing Canadian websites. Our goal is to design you a website that makes your site unique to others around it. After all your business is unique from others, so why have a website that looks like everyone else’ s? We are able to incorporate apps and widgets into your Magento site to help with productivity and ease of use not only for you and your employees, but for your customers as well. The easier and more accessible it is for your customers to use, the happier they will be, which of course leads to the happiness and success of your business.

magento development services toronto canada

The website rests on the right platform it is made on and this particularly applies to any e commerce website. The difference and decision in choosing the right e commerce platform is a must for benefiting you the most and in the right way depending upon the requirements of the business and here Magento wins the race from all perspectives for the online shopping cart for all the startups, small, medium and large enterprises.

Magento Development Services Canada : Demand always high

Another important aspect of Our Magento Development Service is that not only will we design a fantastic site for you, but if you need us to transfer data from one page to another or from an old site to a new site we are able to do that. We are all about ease of use, and besides getting all of your companies information in one page we want to help your customers when they are ordering any of your products to do so with ease. How do we do that? Our Expert Magento Developers can make it so that your customers only have to go through one page when they want to check out and also make it so that they are able to ship to multiple addresses if they want to. When it comes to certain holidays or events customers may be buying for multiple people, and they usually have to make separate orders, which can be a hassle. That is why we have made it so that your customers can make one big order that gets distributed to different addresses. This is a feature that many of our client’ s customers have embraced and are happy that someone finally figured out a way to make their life simpler. Simplicity is what we go for, but the results do not look simplistic in any fashion. Your website will have all the sparks and gadgets needed to make it stick out from the competition while still being easily navigable and controllable by all parties. There is no site like a Magento site and you’ ll realize that in no time.

Some of the significant features of Magento we incorporate are:

  • Designed for the users
  • Third party integration
  • Saves lots of time and money
  • Versatile content management
  • Mobile friendly configuration
  • Use of advanced SEO techniques
  • Bug free site with reviewed codes
  • Provide customized security permissions
  • Intelligent filtered search for shoppers
  • Built-in upsells and cross sells features
  • Advanced shipping method / supplier control
  • Tax calculation as per countries and updates
  • System Integration(ERP, POS, CRM, Order Management)
  • Multi-store (ideal for internationalisation, managing multiple shops, and, etc.)

Empower Your Online Presence With Magento Store Development