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Connect Your Retail Store With An iPad

POS Systems

Connect your retail store with POS which includes iPad POS features and maximises your potential for business. It comes with an easy to learn interface, robust and scalable solution for both online/offline mode.

point of sale system

About POS System

Store Analysis And Customer Engagement on Real-Time

POS System processes sales electronically and has also other abilities such as inventory management, member system, record of suppliers, purchase orders, quotations, invoices, stock transfer, barcode label creation, sale reports, remote outlets networking, and, etc.

Expedite your Billing Service with an Android based Application. Order your own design and customize your user-friendly iPad POS system as per your precise business needs.

Avail a scalable solution scaled to volume, users, multi-country, multi-language, multi-format, and, more.



Master Data Management

  • Order Processing
  • Profit/Cost/Discount management
  • Product management
  • Tax/Price management
  • Customer/vendor management
  • Sales/purchase management
  • Day Open/close

Store Management and Analytics

  • Compile products/taxes/prices
  • Manage promotion
  • Compile purchase and sales
  • Loyalty and customer compilation
  • Analysis of sales

Sales and Inventory management

  • Real-time update on central system
  • Up-to-date Inventory records
  • Manage orders and inventory
  • Lite and easy to use
  • Barcode scanner for search item
  • Selection of multiple items
  • Batch code management
  • Generation of invoice/print
  • Sale returns
E-commerce CMS

Purchase Management

  • Automated Inventory management
  • Stock updates/availability
  • Cost of Purchase
  • Enlist date-wise purchase items
E-commerce CMS

Generate Reports

  • Weekly reports
  • Monthly reports
  • Yearly reports
  • Date-wise reports
  • Item-wise reports
E-commerce CMS


  • Data backup
  • Offline/online mode availability
E-commerce CMS

How This POS System Helps

Promotes sales

Quickens sales and billing at the check-counter clearing rush

Card Processing

Accepts debit/credit cards; food coupons/vouchers

Future Proof

Adaptable for cloud-based software data and delivery storage and mobile payments.

E-commerce CMS

Digital recording

Digital upkeep of all transactions for further references

Touch-screen Display

Easy to learn and handle

Data Security

Encrypted customer details

E-commerce CMS

B2B Transfer

It helps in transfer of products/services between vendors


Suitable for all kinds of retail environment

Advanced Technology

Streamlined transactions for the cashier and the customer as well

E-commerce CMS

Smart Billing System For Smart Customers.

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