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Manual Testing Services

Ensure flawless application performance from the user’s perspective with manual software testing.

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Enhance Your Solution’s Performance with Manual Software Testing

Human reasoning, analytical thinking, and intuition have no match for automated operations. For keeping the flawless performance of your business application in the first place, adopt both automation and manual testing services.

Human-centric software testing takes care of operational intricacies, enriching user experience, and identifying defects in detail. Implement quality focussed testing of software by using the manual approach and improve functionality and effectiveness.

OrangeMantra, a manual testing company, offers a unique blend of testing tools, processes, and technology expertise to ensure that a flawless product is delivered in an accelerated time frame. We take complete responsibility for end-to-end testing activities, right from creating a well-rounded test plan to providing post-production support.

Manual Testing Services We Offer

Manual testing of software is omnipresent, even during particular areas of automated testing. There are specialized functional testing approaches done manually by our experts.

Our Manual Software Testing Expertise

As a Manual testing company, we offer an end-to-end software evaluation and analysis approach across different channels.

1. Manual Testing for Mobile

Our specialists detect errors and bugs in your software while testing on different mobile OS and most common devices.

2. Manual Testing for Web

The QA team eliminate the intricacies of web app during the development stages and reduce the cost of fixing & improve productivity

3. Manual Testing for Desktop

We offer quality manual testing assistance for desktop apps to enrich usability, compatibility, and flexibility.

Extensive Benefits of Manual Testing


1. Creativity

Since there is a human touch to the service, creativity comes by default. It is possible to identify the most critical bugs and issues with manual testing and exploratory testing, which you cannot expect with automation.


2. Flexibility

Ramp up or ramp down your testing strategy easily and according to the project needs by integrating manual testing in your overall testing process. Avail the unmatched benefit of flexibility for your testing approach.


3. Cost-effectiveness

Cut down the testing costs significantly and get a broader test coverage by availing of manual testing along with automated testing which is executed simultaneously in a managed services delivery model.

Our Manual Testing Process

1. Requirement Analysis

The first phase of the manual testing project includes gathering the requirements from the client. We understand their in-depth analysis to understand what exactly needs to be done.

2. Test Plan Preparation

Every manual testing project needs a test plan. It defines the overall approach such as project boundaries, testing tools, order of testing steps, application parts to be tested, and more.

3. Test Case Design

The test case engineers build test cases. The team creates test cases with details such as identifying elements, description, test conditions (pre-and post-), test steps, inputs, and expected output.

4. Test Case Execution

Our team prepared the test environment according to the testing requirement. It includes aspects such as the provision of apt hardware and software and the selection of resources and tools required for individual tests.

5. Bug Tracking

The qualified testing professionals in our team track and report the entire bugs, errors, and defects in the application. Each defect or failed test execution is assigned a specific tracking ID.

6. Test Report Preparation

At the last stage of the project, we provide detailed testing status reports. It includes elements such as test reports, bug reports, and documentation. Also, we keep sending updates to the client at different stages of the testing process.

Our Manual Testing Expertise Based on Relevant Tools

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Why Choose Us As Your Manual Testing Partner

Technical proficiency
We possess proven proficiency in supporting clients adopt Agile and DevOps as a part of their testing approach. Our team boasts of certified professionals with rich experience in handling open-source and paid DevOps tool sets that work for your advantage.
Extensive coverage
Our service range offers extensive coverage as we are capable of testing web applications, mobile applications, custom software applications, and more. We take a strategic approach to testing and organizing test cases for promoting repeatability.
Industry expertise
With experts who possess rich industry expertise gained over the years from serving businesses in varied business domains, we have all the versatility to empower clients. No matter which domain your business belongs to, we can help you create flawless applications.
Flexible delivery models
OrangeMantra serves flexible delivery models for their testing services. Clients can explore options such as dedicated extended teams or team augmentation with certified testers and QA engineers, depending on the model that suits them.


Manual testing refers to the process of using the features and functions of an application just like an end-user with the objective to verify that it is working as required. With this form of testing, a tester conducts the tests manually on the software by applying a set of pre-defined test cases.
Manual Testing empowers you to get quick and accurate visual feedback on an application. Testers execute the test cases manually without using any automation tools for the test. Since it is performed by humans, there is the benefit of human perspective and insights for greater accuracy and end-user satisfaction.
Manual testing is done in different stages. These include unit testing, system testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing. The idea is to validate the software from every possible perspective and ensure that it runs flawlessly.
A test case is essentially a set of variables or conditions under which a tester determines whether a system under the test satisfies the requirements correctly. The entire process of developing the test cases can be helpful for finding the problems in the design or functionality of an application.
Test coverage is a software testing metric which enables the measurement of the amount of testing done by a set of test. It will essentially include gathering of information about the parts of a program that are executed while running the test suite.
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