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Agile Development Services

OrangeMantra has in-depth knowledge & extensive experience in delivering projects based on Agile techniques. Our Agile methodology is based on innovative practices from key Agile methodologies including Scrum, and Lean.

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Achieve Higher Business ROI through Agile Development Services

In today’s rapidly-advancing business world, Agile development methodologies are in huge-demand among business enterprises to quickly respond to the market opportunities, improve productivity, grow sales and reduce operational cost. At OrangeMantra, over 90% of development process is executed with Agile principles. We have a large team of highly experienced Agile professionals and scrum masters who work dedicatedly to incorporate best practices to accelerate project development. With our sprint plan we ensure features are built right the very first time.

We deliver IT projects using Agile development methodology, DevOps, Tools and Automation, Continuous Integration (CI), and overall technical expertise. We have been using Scaled Agile Framework, SCRUM, and Lean best practices to deliver client projects within the set deadline.

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Agile Product Development Services & Solutions

Agile Consulting
Agile Consulting and Assessment
Our team has expertise in Agile consulting services, development, customization, maintenance, testing and support. With Agile Development Solutions, OrangeMantra offers a smooth & seamless environment for better “3Cs” that is collaboration, coordination and communication.
Agile Development Framework
Agile Development Framework
Our development framework follows a Scrum based unique iterative methodology with well-defined QA and management processes. This ultimately delivers visible and incremental value to a project. It focuses on delivering working software and leveraging feedback to improve the application performance.
Agile Product Development
Agile Product Development
Our Agile methodology helps to deliver high-quality software in a timely and cost-effective manner to meet your target audience changing needs. OrangeMantra’s experienced Agile development capabilities helps you to get your product to market faster than ever before.
Continuous Integration and Delivery
Continuous Integration and Delivery
Our Agile and Scrum approach for software delivery process enables speeding up of Continuous Integration & Project Delivery by enabling teams to find and resolve bugs within the development cycle. This process helps to deliver new projects into the hands of clients as quickly as possible.

Benefits Delivered by Our Agile Development Methodology


40% Increase in time-to-market

With our latest tools and proven Agile methodologies, business enterprises can achieve 40% faster time-to-market rate.


Build high-quality products

With the integration of innovative Agile features, we deliver bug-free solutions on the very first go.


Enable faster software delivery

Our dedicated and time-boxed software delivery approach helps to build and integrate latest features seamlessly.


Reduce operational cost by 20%

Our fast delivery and flexible hiring models help clients make better investment decisions and also improve business RoI.


100% business transparency

We collaborate & communicate with the clients throughout the project for complete visibility into the progress.


Greater Flexibility and Reduced Risk

Our experienced Agile teams are adaptable to emerging market changes which helps in reducing the risk of project failure.

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Why Choose OrangeMantra for Agile Product Development?

Our Agile development services help you identify and implement the correct approach, ensuring your business is always prepared to deal with market unpredictability. Our services are a blend of Agile, scrum and lean practices that boost top quality, & iterative approach to developing software. Some of the major benefits of outsourcing Agile Development to OrangeMantra include –

  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Quick Returns
  • Early and Frequent Delivery
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration
  • Enhanced Business Value
  • Predictable Delivery Schedule
  • Transparent Communication & Cost
  • 24/7 Maintenance & Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Agile is an iterative approach for software development & project execution to help teams deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer overheads. Instead of focusing on a “big bang” launch, Agile team follows small, but consumable, & incremental development approach.
Agile is a methodology that helps teams to provide quick and timely responses to the feedback received on the project. It creates plenty of opportunities to assess a project’s direction during the development phase. Teams assess the project development in regular meetings termed as sprints.
Agile workflow is based on the iterative method of delivering a project. In Agile, several individual teams work on specific tasks for a certain time duration called as ‘Sprints’.
Scrum is an Agile way of project management, usually software development. Agile with Scrum is often perceived as a technique; but rather than viewing Scrum as technique, consider it as a framework for process management.