Angular JS Development

Angular JS, a JavaScript framework by Google is utilised to develop browser based applications and mobile applications with reduced development time. The applications developed with Angular JS are easy to test, maintain and extend the features. Our Angular JS programmers follow the standard to create clean codes and thus highly expressive web application environments.


Business Advantages of Angular JS Framework

  • chckDynamic views of web applications
  • chckBuild enterprise ready single page web application
  • chckEasy to use declarative user interface
  • chckOrganised and structured web applications
  • chckHelpful in managing the controllers and scopes
  • chckEasy and quick application development
  • chckDefault choice for front end development
  • chckConvenient and appropriate for both mobile and web apps
  • chckCode re-utility consumes less time
  • chckFast and efficient hybrid apps development
  • chckIntegrates with Ionic Framework facilitates Mobile App Development
  • chckReusable HTML Components
  • chckHigh quality web templating

Benefits of Hiring Angular JS Developers at Orange Mantra

  • arowExperienced, skilled and competent developers
  • arowEnthusiastic developers and always updated with the latest technologies
  • arowCustomer-centric work approach
  • arowHighly scalable web applications
  • arowEfficient and reliable services meeting deadlines
  • arowDynamic and cross-platform Apps
  • arowMobile responsive website design
  • arowMultiple steps of testing for better user experience
  • arowFocus on writing clean codes
  • arowEffectively cater to business needs

Angular JS Development Services offered at Orange Mantra

  • Angular JS Development
  • Angular JS Mobile App Development
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Integrated Angular JS Development
  • Shopping Cart Development

We create Modern Applications with Angular JS.

  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Real Time Interactive Maps
  • E-shops and Market places
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Location Apps
  • Custom Widgets
  • Music and video streaming Apps
  • Social and Interactive Apps
  • Theme Generators and Text Editors
  • Social Networking Platforms

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