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Innovative eCommerce B2B2C Solutions

Technology solutions in the retail sector have gone beyond one’s imagination and bring advanced support to let businesses thrive higher. At OrangeMantra, we strive to empower your B2B and B2C model of businesses into a combined yet profitable medium of B2B2C digitization. Combining the operational values of both models ensure remarkable eCommerce growth. We use cutting-edge technologies for the rapid development of B2B digitization and B2C digitization and as per the evolving trends. Get ready to transform your business models into one powerful force of nature to provide a high-end customer experience and enhanced security. We also make sure to create full-fledged eCommerce portals for you to bring a seamless, clean, and user-friendly dashboard and easy product buying experience to customers.

Key Benefits Of B2B2C ECommerce Model

B2B2C model of eCommerce business considered as a variant of a business model that utilizes the other 2 model’s strength. When expanding your current B2B and B2C business model to B2B2C, you gain a substantial amount of benefits.

Get a 360-Degree View of the Customer
The B2B2C model of business bridges the gap between wholesalers, manufactures, and customers. Along with the advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and Business Intelligence (BI), businesses will have more opportunities to understand customer requirements at large. This in turn helps to provide a complete overview of what customers like to buy and businesses can develop solutions to increase sales patterns.
Maintain Information Transparency
Collaborate the business models of B2B and B2C retail sector, enterprises will have seamless access to the business information. A single-best eCommerce platform for the brand, manufacturers and wholesalers help to update any information quickly and reachable to all partners. Additionally, it further aids to fix issues in the manufacturing process, delivery process, product information or anything else.
Easy to Control Partners & Data
The traditional B2B retail business has manufacturers dealing with retailers for selling the desired choice of products. After that retailers get in touch with the end customers. However, manufacturers have no such coordination with the end-users to understand overall demand. The B2B2C business model helps manufacturers to manage other brands as well and get to know more about customer demands to make altercations in their manufacturing process.
Increase Sales
Most importantly, the B2B2C retail business helps eCommerce partners better control the price including Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and the actual price. The advantages of multi-channel partners, transparent view of the customers’ demands, shortening time of the products to the market, and increasing brand control help to manage the price factor. It allows customers to feel more secure while purchasing products at the lowest possible price.
Product Marketing in Less Time
Thanks to the establishment of a multi-channel partner ecosystem, enterprises can broaden the scope of product marketing. They are also able to make products reach the end customer in the shortest possible time. This competitive environment will push the manufacturing industries to move from B2B to B2B2C.
Leverage Multiple Channel Partners
With the rapid expansion of B2B to B2B2C, eCommerce manufacturers can leverage the power of getting in touch with all the channel partners. Doing this helps to increase the economy by exploiting another enterprise’s customer base. It further allows firms to build an ecosystem with diverse patterns.
Optimize Sales Performance
Sales automation helps you keep pace with changes to your forecast, the level of account engagement, and understand the overall business health. In this way, you can optimize your sales performance significantly.

Our B2B and B2C Digitization Solutions

eCommerce Application Development

We build feature-rich eCommerce solutions for retailers to transform and accelerate their product selling business to a whole new level. With our assistance, build responsive and interactive digital platforms to bring out of the box product buying experience to customers.

Web App & Portal Development

Take the assistance of our professional eCommerce website developers to create an intuitive and user-friendly shopping platform and portal. It allows you to cater to the diverse requirements of customers while managing the online business effectively.

B2B eCommerce Solutions

We help your business to business model turns into a single best online commerce platform. It provides you with substantial advantage of managing content, orders, product delivery, eCommerce shopping cart, billing, supply chain, and more single handedly.

Full Cycle ERP/CRM Solutions

Reach your potential customers by developing result-oriented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. It allows you to meet the diverse requirements of interested buyers efficiently.

POS Systems Integration

Get a secured and seamless integration of point of sale system with your eCommerce platform. It helps retailers to manage the point of inventory and sales in a hassle-free manner.

Inventory Management Solutions

We offer single best inventory management system for manufacturers and retailers having a close eye on stock of the products. With this, manage your inventory in one go while meeting the unique needs and requirements of customers.

Supply Chain Management

A smooth and transparent way to manage your supply chain and widespread operations. We create a feature-rich supply chain management system that gives you the power to manage everything and stay always ahead of the eCommerce game.

B2C eCommerce Solutions

Get feature-rich, scalable, and secured development of B2C eCommerce applications and websites. We at OrangeMantra provide effective development of an online retail platform allowing customers to have a dependable site to buy products conveniently.

What is B2B2C eCommerce?

B2B2C eCommerce stands for business to business to consumers. It is a business model that combines the efforts of business in connection with another business to sell a wide range of products. We offer B2B and B2C digitization support that allows you to amalgamate the two business models into one and bring an optimum level of efficiency while offering particular products.

Why Choose Us You B2B2C Solutions Provider?

Easy to Access Technical Solutions

We make sure the fact that the latest technologies do not become a complicated factor for your enterprises. We bring feasible solutions to the enterprise while reducing perpetual complexities and ensure seamless management of vendor management system, back-end inventory management, and more.

Seamless Customization

With our assistance, you meet the high-end technology requirements customized according to your business model and requirements. Here, we do not believe in providing cookie-cutter solutions but rather celebrating the uniqueness of your products with sheer customization.

Futuristic Solutions

We provide you with scalable and growth-oriented solutions with the help of cutting-edge technologies. With our assistance, stay updated and leverage the power of up-gradation services, migration, and continuous development.

Comprehensive Support

We provide you with long-term support throughout the business lifecycle. From start to finish, our dedicated developers, designers, and other team members provide you with a substantial amount of assistance.

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The B2B2C model of retail business is the modern and profitable amalgamation of B2C digitization and B2B digitization. It helps to collaborate the business functionings and operations of manufacturers with retailers to serve better customers and increase the sales patterns.
No matter, running a separate B2B and B2C models have their own limitation in terms of not having a seamless connection with manufacturers, retailers find it cumbersome to manage manufacturers through other platforms, and customers fear of buying products.
Expansion of B2B and B2C retail models into B2B2C eCommerce business depends on manifold factors including size of the enterprise, scalability, complexity, a number of resources required, and more.
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