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Leverage the power of Data Analytics services to analyze a large pile of structured & unstructured data to make informed business decisions

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Data Analytics Solutions That Make Your Business Insights-Driven

Imagine having advanced business analytics that gives you the proficiency and ability to see and predict everything. Every interaction with your customer, every fiscal transaction, and every moving part in your supply chain of the organization. In this digitally connected world, enterprises require this kind of approach to blending information and insights across people, processes, and diverse data sources to influence important business decisions. It is where OrangeMantra helps organizations combine technology, business-centric models, data sciences, and unlock a great deal of business value with analytics solutions.

The massive corporate data collected by an organization offers immense business opportunities to grow and stay ahead of the competition. Every digital enterprise needs to follow the agile approach of structuring, managing, storing, and analyzing the crucial data and gain actionable insights into customer’s behavior, business operations, marketing performance, and various areas of the corporate structure. By accessing Data Analytics Services, organizations can discover new business and growth strategies while analyzing and extracting useful information from your data.

We offer an upscale level of data management & analytics capabilities to generate meaningful results for your enterprise. As a leading and one of the finest, data analytics service and consulting companies, we at OrangeMantra help companies to get optimum support in terms of customer analytics, market analytics, sales analytics, and other information analytics under one single roof here.

Data Analytics Solutions from OrangeMantra


Big Data Analytics

Big Data is a buzzword associated with enterprises storing an immense volume of transactional data both in structured and unstructured form. We offer your advantageous Big Data Analytics solutions to effectively correct, analyze, visualize, and manage key data sets across multiple sources. With the help of our Big Data experts, transform different data sets into intuitive dashboards and reports to gain impactful insights into the organization.

Database Management

Enterprise-level database management solutions are important for enterprises to integrate on-premise, Cloud-bases, and other sources to collect and retrieve useful data insights. We offer you actionable data management service to realize the precious value of your business data by getting easy and timely access to the information from a large pool of data sources. It brings an effective advantage to your business teams getting the right details at the right time stored to make informed business decisions wisely.


Data Science

Unlock the value of your raw, detailed, and unstructured forms of data into useful, filtered, and targetted business information. Our expert data scientists help your organization to develop an evolving landscape of converting a large chunk of data into useful insights in the form of text, speech, facts, & figures primarily to strategize, predict, and streamline your marketing efforts.

Why Choose Us?

Here at OrangeMantra, we offer result-oriented data-driven analytics solutions to enterprises of diverse industry verticals. Our primary objective is to derive the maximum possible value out of the organizational data and boost your business manifold.


Proficient team of data scientists, architects, data analysts, and supportive professionals.


Client-centric approach to derive optimum business value & match unique requirements.


Delivering highest-standards projects within the frame of strict deadlines.


Availability of an extensive suite of the latest technologies and applications.


Proven and result-oriented methodologies to deliver high-quality solutions.


Based on your requirement of availing a particular type of Data Analytics service, you can get in touch with us. We provide you a comprehensive over of every single analytics and management service as to how it helps your organization to derive the maximum value from enormous data.
Data Analytics precisely refers to identify, measure, track, and analyze a large section of structured and unstructured data. The primary objective to make data useful for an organization to understand the impact of marketing efforts, customer behavior, operational loopholes, and other useful information to change the overall appeal of the business.
The estimated cost of a data analytics solution depends on the category of service you are interested along with external factors like nature, size, complexity, and requirements of your business.
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