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Add Value to Your Business with Reliable Data Science Solutions and Consulting

With the ever-evolving data landscape, businesses have to deploy an agile approach and become more responsive to draw business-oriented conclusions. The advent of Data Science technologies and methodologies have enormously added value to millions of data-driven organizations by helping them explore and analyze useful insights to facilitate smart decision-making for their business. However, with the emergence of distributed and cognitive computing, data science encounters the need to intelligently and efficiently manage unstructured forms of data in the form of speech, text, facts and figures. Harnessing the power of data science in the right manner is the key to establishing an unbeatable data-driven organization.

By using our Data Science as a service, you can easily unlock the value of your raw data and transform it into targeted solutions for your company. Our data science and analytics services have been designed to convert terabytes of unstructured corporate data into byte-sized chunks that can be put into good use for strategizing and predicting your market opportunities. We help you arrange your raw data in order and streamline your marketing efforts in the right direction.

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Let Meaningful Data Drive Your Business with Our Data Science Solutions and Insights Services

Understanding your corporate data set and utilizing it to better target your goals is the key to business success. As a stellar data science consultant and analyst, we are dedicated to providing best-in-class data science services that power business values. We dig deeper into your raw data set by employing cutting-edge data analysis tools and top-notch logic to architect scattered data into meaningful business insights and develop strategies that guide your business goals.

Our Solutions

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Engineering
  • Decisions and Portfolio Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Personalized Customer Experience

Leverage the Fascinating Benefits of Data Science

Regardless of the source or complexity of the information, we dive deep into your scattered data to understand the health of your information, minimize ambiguity, and devise result-oriented models to boost your business’s success.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics Optimization
Supply Chain Management and Logistics Optimization

To stay one step ahead in today’s market competition, it is crucial to have the most effective and efficient supply chain possible. Whether you’re running a single store or global network, optimizing supply chain management connects your entire manufacturing and distributing value chain, right from research and development, and materials sourcing to production and delivery.

Our top-notch data scientists have vast knowledge and expertise of applying an ARIMA model or an extensive neural network to generate valuable demand predictions. We also have hands-on experience in developing reliable neural networks or employing ML algorithms including hierarchical clustering and multi-class support vector machines so as to learn and assess your suppliers and associated risks.

Enhanced Production Efficiency
Enhanced Production Efficiency

Quality improvement is the common goal of manufacturers who aspires to grow their business and attract new customers. After all, delivering an amazing product is what that gains and retains new customers. To achieve this, tracking and improving production efficiency is essential to keep your business running. This commitment to quality improvement infuses every process workflow, production plan, finished product quality, and more that will allow you to gain a competitive edge in the market and grow your manufacturing operation.

As a reliable data science consultant, we can help you improve your low overall equipment effectiveness by diagnosing and spotting the loopholes and causes for poor availability, quality and performance. We combine the revolutionary machine learning techniques with our result-oriented models to attain desired results through predictive maintenance, smooth operations, and enhanced product quality.

Personalized Customer Experience
Personalized Customer Experience

Customers love brands that better personalize communications. Personalized customer service increases customer engagement and establishes a personal connection with them. It also leads to building quick trust and making your customers feel valued and important. In a nutshell, personalized customer experience is a winning strategy that can help businesses to enhance and build a long-term relationship with their customers.

We, at Orange Mantra, deploy advanced machine learning techniques such as collaborative or content-based filtering to design a sales-driving recommendation engine to increase sales opportunities for your eCommerce store. Our high-end engine can offer an amazing personalized customer experience by generating relevant product offers or recommendations. Whether it is related to showing personalized content on a webpage, enticing promo offers on mobile apps, or running relevant email campaigns, data science offers a plethora of benefits that can add value to your business.

Predictive Customer Behavior Modeling
Improved Sales Effectiveness

Besides prioritizing goals and strategic sales development, identifying the right KPIs (key performance indicators) becomes a challenging task for the CROs and sales executives to track the effectiveness of their sales and marketing teams. To stay ahead in the curve, CROs and sales executives have to closely monitor the productivity and effectiveness of the sales department by focusing on the key areas that directly impact both the short and long-term objectives of the company.

Our competent data science experts can implement machine learning-based and opportunity score that will help your sales team to adhere to the designed business strategy and prioritize goal settings and their efforts wisely. Besides, we also devise an actionable machine learning model to facilitate personalized communication with your customers. Such a model has been expertly designed to detect attitude markers and identify your customer’s mood or behavior and notify your sales team if a particular customer had a bad experience with your company. Our thoughtfully-designed machine learning model will help you streamline your sales operation by providing quick and smart next-step recommendations to your sales and marketing teams.

Predictive Customer Behavior Modeling
Predictive Customer Behavior Modeling

As marketers, it is essential to acquire comprehensive knowledge about the behavior, interests, and the needs of the customers. Predicting customer behavior can help marketers to target specific customers through specific marketing campaigns that are created to achieve the desired result. It will automatically boost the ROIs of upselling, cross-selling, and retention campaigns.

Our proficient data science veterans apply machine learning-based algorithms to generate reliable customer behavior predictions. For instance, by using our model, you can easily evaluate whether your customer is a late payer, how they will respond to price changes or sales promotions. Our experts can also help you spot potential churners so that you can devise your own actionable strategies to combat the risks of their loss.

Comprehensive Image Analysis
Comprehensive Image Analysis

Performing image analysis means extracting meaningful and useful information from the image through digital image processing techniques. However, image analysis can be as simple as reading barcodes or as complicated as identifying individuals from their faces.

With the help of machine learning, our fervent data scientists can extract meaningful information from a variety of images and videos in a couple of minutes. These useful insights or pieces of information can cater to your various business tasks including facial or emotion recognition, automated visual inspection, rating, and counting.

Data-Driven Industries We Serve

  • Automotive Automotive
  • Fintech Fintech
  • Retail Retail
  • HealthTech HealthTech
  • EduTech EduTech
  • php
  • java script
  • java
  • python
  • sql
  • ruby
  • swift

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Frequently Asked Questions

In simple words, Data Science is the study of raw corporate data to gain useful insights. It is the process of recording, understanding, storing and analyzing any type of data, (structured or unstructured) to attain actionable business insights and develop a winning strategy for your business.

The major applications of Data Science are in data-driven industries including Marketing, Finance, Health Care, Human Resources, Government Policies and all other industries that generate large amounts of data.

For any organization, data is one of the most valuable assets as it facilitates quick decision-making based on facts, figures and trends. Data science employs a scientific approaches, methodologies, frameworks and algorithms to extract meaningful information from huge chunks of scattered data.
Data Science employs machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to gain useful insights and perform predictive analysis of future patterns and behaviors. However, with the technological advancements and ever-evolving field of Data Science, collecting and analyzing huge amounts of data are becoming more sophisticated. It is always better to approach an experienced data scientist who has vast knowledge and expertise to handle big data no matter the source or complexity.
A data scientist is a professional who employs cutting-edge analysis tools and technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract meaningful information from both structured and unstructured data. Data scientist interprets the data using scientific approaches, procedures, and statistical analysis to tweak your existing business model or devise strategies that will give you a competitive edge in the market.
Data Science is all about solving business problems on the basis of facts, figures and trends. It can help you explore historicals, compare with your competitors, analyze market opportunities, and make smart decisions related to your product or business. Data Science can help you understand and monitor your how your product or business is performing, and create result-driven business models to grow your business.
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