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To Maintain Application Delivery & Operational Efficiency

As technology disruption poses a constant urge to businesses, they look for accelerated solutions built with an agile software development approach. Continuous integration and seamless delivery lie at the core of this approach. The biggest challenge lies in establishing an environment that fosters collaboration and integration. DevOps, the combination of Developers and Operations, serves as the solution as it enables communication, collaboration, and automation to facilitate a better workflow between software developers and IT operations professionals. An improved workflow translates into faster development and deployment of applications, products, and services.

At OrangeMantra, we render reliable DevOps solutions that ensure agile delivery for software-driven innovation. These solutions enhance communication and collaboration and remove the bottlenecks in software development. They are designed to bridge the gaps between software development and IT operations to generate agility in the production of software products and services and improve operational performance as well. Our methodology revolves around establishing the right process and then choosing the right tools to deliver advanced software solutions at high speed.

What are DevOps Solutions?

DevOps is a profitable combination and intersection of People, Process, and Technology together. It enables collaborative engineering and efforts to seamlessly deliver quality software in the shortest possible time, with few bugs, and errors. Most importantly, DevOps solutions combine your Developers and Operational team together to bring the final software product to the market in a fast and efficient manner.

Why Should You Opt for DevOps Services?

  • Faster time to market along with increased production availability, leading to an overall improvement in ROI.
  • Improved collaboration between teams, resulting in better managerial and operational culture in the organization.
  • Reduced cost of sustaining a stable and reliable operating environment, effectively improving productivity.
  • Speedy detection and faster resolution of defects, ensuring delivery of high-quality products to the customers.
  • Continuous development, testing and monitoring to facilitate the adaptation of shorter release cycles.
  • Enhanced team flexibility, driving new changes with unmatched agility and making processes faster than ever.
Why DevOps?

End-to-End DevOps Services for Enterprises

As a pioneer DevOps development company, we offer advanced DevOps services that bring together people & technology, processes, and automate software delivery. We offer result-oriented DevOps solutions to deliver software faster no matter how complex the project is.

DevOps Consulting Services

1. DevOps Consulting Services

Make the best out of our end-to-end DevOps consulting services from the hands of our professional experts. We are here to meet diverse requirements related to DevOps assessment, DevOps management, and DevOps automation.

2. DevOps Managed Services

With this, you can take optimum advantage of AWS and Azure DevOps services resources in a hassle-free manner. No need to worry about setting, installating, and operating infrastructure on your own. Everything will be taken care of by managed DevOps service providers.

DevOps Managed Services
Infrastructure Automation

3. Infrastructure Automation

As a professional DevOps service provider, we provide you with software infrastructure automation support to accelerate your IT operations. It helps you reach the pinnacle of success with your seamless IT and software development operations.

4. DevOps Configuration Management

Being a leading DevOps solutions company, we provide an extensive arrangement of tools for faster issue determination and increased agility. It helps you to offer a supreme level of services. We have expertise in managing your lean operations.

DevOps Configuration Management
Integration & Deployment

5. Integration & Deployment

Hire DevOps developers to get continuous integration and delivery of services. It allows you to build safe, scalable, test, and release quality codes using a variety of tools.

6. Infrastructure Monitoring

With our DevOps solutions, we help IT operations with Cloud-vendor agnostic infrastructure monitoring and management. We do this for your enterprise to prevent any kind of hurdle well before it occurs.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Our DevOps Solutions Approach

As an experienced DevOps services company, we follow industry best practices and a strategic approach to implement desired DevOps Solutions.

Assessment and Strategy Planning

Assessment of the current state of the DevOps process along with visualization of the desired state to create a strategic roadmap for DevOps transformation.

DevOps Pilot Framework

Creation of a pilot framework and an optimal tool stack for the implementation of a standard DevOps setup to bring agility in delivery for the organization.

Managed Services

Management and enhancement of team members skills, tools, and processes across the development and operational teams.

End-to-End Implementation

Analysis, design, automation, and implementation of DevOps according to the requirements of individual projects.

Technology Expertise

Here at OrangeMantra, we believe the fact that the selection of the right technology and expertise ensure the desired success. With our DevOps services, clients can leverage manifold benefits related to increasing collaboration and agile work. We have extensive experience in the domain of DevOps, ideally reflected with our selected choice of technologies.

Development, Build & Integrate










Google Cloud Platform



Container Service Platform



Azure Container Service

Open Shift










Configuration Management & Automation






Release Management

Urban Code




XL Release

Log & Performance Monitoring




Sumo Logic


Azure OMS











Hire DevOps Developers

OrangeMantra is a single-stop destination to avail profitable DevOps solutions for increasing collaboration in your business enterprise. Hire DevOps developers from us to dedicatedly work on your project while providing exceptional service, technical assistance, and a seamless transition from the traditional collaborative model. Our DevOps engineers have years of successful expertise in delivering customized DevOps services to companies belonging to different industry verticals. With having more than two decades of experience, our team of DevOps developers offers best in class services to clients related to different sectors like Healthcare, FMCG, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, BFSI, and more.

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Hire DevOps Developers

Industries We Serve

Our DevOps consulting services act as the cornerstone of hypermodern software application development. As competent DevOps service providers, we incorporate DevOps processes in your company and employ the latest, cutting-edge tools that match our frameworks. Our DevOps engineers streamline and automate your cloud infrastructure and operations while ensuring Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) for faster time-to-market. Our DevOps services and best practices enable us to launch an intuitive, feature-rich product to the market within the shortest timeframe and affordable cost.

As a globally recognized DevOps services company, we cater to all startups, businesses, and enterprises from various industry verticals including:




Travel & Tourism


E-commerce & Retail


Transportation & Logistics


Social Networking


Banking & Finance


Real Estate




ISVs & Product Firms


Media & Entertainment

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Why Choose Us your DevOps Solutions Partner?

Why Choose Us your DevOps Solutions Partner

When you choose us as your DevOps solutions company, you get to leverage the following benefits.

  • Avail a robust software automation environment that enables continuous integration and deployment.
  • Have a team of skilled and experienced DevOps professionals working on your project.
  • Ensure complete security of networks, environments, and applications with regular audits.
  • Get automated configuration management of diverse environments such as production, sandbox and more.
  • Enable cost-saving benefits through an effective yet affordable global delivery model.
  • Acquire comprehensive solutions with load balancing, automation scaling, and automation failover.
  • Obtain reliable real-time software and hardware monitoring with responsive alert systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, DevOps and Agile are not the same. Agile can be used as a part of DevOps solutions. It is a software development methodology. After the software is developed and released, the agile team doesn’t care how the software is performing rather move on to the next sprint. On the other hand, DevOps focuses on developing software, preparing it for release, and deploying it in the most reliable and safest way. In DevOps, software development need not use agile as a discipline. However, it may use the water development process.

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