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Digital Transformation In Retail Industry

It’s no secret that the retail industry has become more competitive than ever. The primary reason behind this is the rapid digital transformation in retail giving rise to widespread accessibility and convenient shopping advantage to customers. At present, the customers want to be in total control of retail products buying as per their personalized demands. It is essential for retail enterprises to create unique selling experiences to capture the attention of targetted customer base. Despite the ongoing and long-lasting trend of digital transformation in the retail industry, many retailers are showing slow adaptation to new technologies. But they need to change and evolve with the digital transformative retail scenario. Therefore, retailers can avail a technologically savvy business model with the help of a digital partner expert organization like OrangeMantra.

What is Digital Transformation?

To put it simply, digital transformation is all about businesses utilizing new technologies and operational models to increase employee productivity and bring more value to the customers. In terms of retail business, it is the transformation of traditional product selling model to online commerce platform, realignment of investment into new business technologies, models, and process to drive value for customers.

Digital transformation in the retail sector manifests in the way of providing an omnichannel shopping experience to customers, store access online from any part of the globe, integrating cutting-edge technologies for a superior customer experience, and using data analytics to inform major decision-making skills.

Here at OrangeMantra, we deliver transformative, accelerating, and result-oriented solutions to the retail sector. Our extensive range of digital transformation solutions, accessibility of the latest retail technologies, and experienced team of developers help your enterprise witness a long-expected digital success. Rely on us to get quality-driven solutions and make a positive impact with your digital retail model in the marketplace.

Why Digital Transformation in Retail is Important for You?

Digital transformation is not confined to a single industry. It has a wide reach across different sectors like healthcare, education, mass media, finance, banking, and more. Organizations adopting digital transformation solutions improve their service offerings that ultimately lead to enhanced customer experience. The idea behind digital transformation in retail is all about meeting diverse product requirements of customer spread across a wide geographical area.

Retailers can utilize emerging technologies as a way to drive more revenue and create an innovative business model. We assist you in availing profit-driven technology solutions that reduce operational cost, enhance customer engagement, streamline product selling, retail business management process, and create new value propositions.

Our End-to-End Digital Transformation in Retail Sector Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR)
There is a monumental impact of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the online retail business. It offers a plethora of benefits from streamlining the shopping process, enables a virtual tryout facility for customers, and save a great deal of time, effort, and money. We offer AR integrated retail solutions to improve the shopping decision-making skills of customers. Using the solution, your customers will find a virtual store and an option to try out products without leaving the comfort of home.
Mobile Applications
Mobile app penetration in the online retail sector has surpassed tremendous growth and acceptance. One of the crucial factors responsible for digital transformation in retail, helps you bring your store to the handy devices of customers, enhance the reach of targetted audience, send personalized offers, and stay competitive in the retail landscape.
Smart Beacons
Leverage the power of Smart Beacons to improve the customer footprints on your digital retail store. For this, we have an extensive team of developers helping your store infused with this technology to target customers who are in close vicinity of your store. Engage customers close to you by sending personalized deas, freebie, offerings, and other inclusions to enhance sales.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Like many other industries, the retail sector is also embracing the Internet of Things (IoT). Sensor technology helps retailers to improve customer experience, supply chain & logistics, ensure food safety monitoring, seamless asset tracking, and connect online and in-store experiences. Rely on us to avail brand-related digital solutions to improve the operational efficiency of your store.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence in retail can automate operations to reduce operational expenditures, replenish stock by real-time monitoring, offers personalized recommendations, and provide valuable customer support. It also provides interactive chat programs with the aid of Chatbots. We provide you with intelligently driven solutions to enrich your business structure, better understand and serve customer requirements, and meet organizational goals.

Benefits of Shopify Theme Customization for E-commerce Development

If you are looking to start a successful E-commerce business, then Shopify is the best option to go with. With a reliable Shopify theme developer to hire, you can create a fully functional store within a few days. There are several other Shopify benefits to avail of over other such platforms.

Enhanced Data Collection

Digital transformation in retail creates the opportunity to collect a huge chunk of customer’s data automatically and analyse the same for a better product offering. Get a single view of the customer journey, operational flow, finance, and other areas of the business.

Seamless Resource Management

Retail digital transformation helps to integrate all the information and resources into a suite of tools for business. It compiles all the resources into one as a central repository for managing the enterprise well and efficiently.

Data-Driven Solutions

Unlock the power of knowing customer’s preferences and requirements by counting data. This helps businesses to create an effective brand strategy while moving forward in the right direction to offer desired products to customers and increase sales patterns.

Better Customer Experience

Improve the overall customer experience by opening up digital windows of your store under the easy accessibility of target customers around. Maintain the flow of product offering along with giving a personalized set of deals and discount to enhance brand credibility.

Increased Profits

Most importantly, digital transformation in the retail sector helps increase profit and business efficiency. Start your omnichannel models to offer an efficient shopping experience in-store and seamless product offerings online.

Why Choose Us as Your Digital Transformation in Retail Partner?

There are lots of complexities and challenges involved in the process of digital transformation in retail industry. But we at OrangeMantra are here to serve varied organizational requirements by offering result-driven digital transformation in retail banking, eCommerce, supply chain & logistics, and more. We follow a strategic transformation mechanism coupled with a unique thinking process and using advanced techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital transformation of the retail business is all about expanding the operational sphere of enterprises from offline to online. It is necessary to stay competitive by offering products in every way possible to customers via an online store, mobile app, social media, and other platforms.

All you have to do is share your requirements with us and our expert professionals will understand your business model and objectives before the transformation. Accordingly, we suggest you necessary changes to make your enterprise goes digital by developing a feature-rich mobile application, website or both.
There is numerous digital transformation in retail industry trends out of which the best 7 are as follows:
  • Mobile Application
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Voice Search
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Chatbot
How Much Cost is Involved in the Digital Transformation of Retail Business?