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ETL – Extract, Transform, and Load Solutions

ETL(Extract, Transform, and Load) Solutions that ease up the process of Data management without any unnecessary hassle Get Started

What is ETL Solutions?

The abbreviation “ETL” represents Extract-Transform-Load, the 3 ETL steps. It is an innovation used to peruse information from a data set, change it into another structure on account of specific cycles, and lastly load it into another database. It has for sure been amazingly valuable for some organizations, as we’ve already started to amass and manage a huge amount of data. Frequently, all that data was delivered and put away on heterogeneous sources, which made the need to change it into a typical arrangement for questioning and investigation: ETL apparatuses were made to conquer this issue.

OrangeMantra, a leading Digital Transformation Organization has mastered the development of ETL solutions that allow clients to manage their data effectively. Moreover, with the development of such solutions, we also offer consultations that allow business owners to understand the database process and ensure their growth never stops.


Our Services

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Data Mining

Data Mining includes fetching out the correct data from the database allowing you to predict future outcomes and make decisions accordingly

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Data Integration

Data Integration offers to stack up ordered and unsolicited data into a single unit to make the information useful.

Data Migration

Extract, prepare and modify your data before migrating it to another system to make sure the data integrity

Data Transformation

Transformation of data from clustered data sets into structured data sets that are cleansed and is ready-to-use.

Consultation and Support

Real-Time Consultation and Support that allows you to understand the technology properly so that you can implement the right solution

Data Warehouse

Developing Data Warehouses, that collects data from heterogeneous sources and stores them in one place for future use.

Let’s Discuss Your Use-case And Derive A Solution Together

Industries We Cater To

  • HealthcareHealthcare
  • E-commerceE-commerce
  • Security Security services
  • AutomotiveAutomotive
  • ManufacturingManufacturing
  • Real EstateEntertainment
  • TelecommunicationsTelecommunications
  • Banking Banking
  • AgricultureFashion
  • Retail Retail

Tech Stacks

  • oracle
  • mysql
  • sqllit
  • mongodb
  • postgresql
  • Robomongo
  • mariandb
  • cloudera

ETL Development Process



Our Experts spend most of their time Analyzing your requirements and coming up with the best practice to ensure the solution we develop adds great value to the business.



Selecting the proper tech stack to match the requirements and starts preparing the system and the hardware for the solution as required



Designing the solution as per clients requirement while making the navigation through the system as easy as possible so that client can use the application properly



Full-Scale Development of the project with the help of developers and project managers using the selected tech stacks.



Our Professional Quality Assurance testers will carry out all sorts of testing including functional, non-functional, and other testings



Deploying the solution to clients’ infrastructure seamlessly while ensuring the client receives the product as per their wish.

Why OrangeMantra?


Consumer loyalty

Our engineers are knowledgeable with ETL improvement that permits us to offer the best solutions and guarantee the greatest happiness for our clients.


Moderate Pricing

We render the best ETL development administrations at a moderate value. Our answers give execution ensure by following the predefined needs of the customers.


Quick Processing

We permit our clients to exploit all ETL benefits. Our designers give quick information handling and higher performance.


Versatile Approach

Our adaptable methodology toward ETL can make your data open, productive, and fit for being investigated across numerous divisions inside your organization.

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