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Pioneers of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Advanced technologies and digitization have revolutionized almost every industry over the last few years. Digital transformation in healthcare is one of the positive impacts of breakthrough technologies in the healthcare industry. With the increased adoption of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, Customer Relationship Management, Internet of Things (IoT), and Consumerism, the healthcare sector is leveraging the benefits of healthcare digital transformation.

Due to various accelerated challenges and changes, many healthcare organizations are choosing to switch healthcare digital transformation and adopting new programs methodically. Digital transformation in the healthcare industry helps in uncovering hidden insights into medical decision-making, solve healthcare challenges, ensure remote health and fitness tracking through IoT wearables, transform traditional healthcare business models, offer telemedicine services, employ robotics for rehabilitation and physical therapies, and enhance the overall patient experience.

As a leading digital transformation company in India, Orange Mantra is here to help healthcare organizations relying on traditional methodologies deliver value by bringing digital innovation in healthcare. Being pioneers of digital transformation in the healthcare industry, we encourage CIOs and IT leaders to adopt a ‘digital-health-first’ mindset and lead their healthcare digital transformation endeavors to maximum benefits.

Pioneers of Digital Transformation in Healthcare
Why Healthcare Digital Transformation and What It Takes?

Why Healthcare Digital Transformation and What It Takes?

Medical digital transformation is an integral part of a patient-focus approach the healthcare and will assist service providers to understand patient needs, streamline business operations, offer enhanced user experience, and establish trust and loyalty.

Furthermore, digital interactions help in data collection and mining that will prove to be beneficial for healthcare organizations. The decision-makers can understand the needs and behaviors of the target audience and find new ways to deliver value and improve patient care.

Digital transformation in the healthcare industry requires integrating and upgrading healthcare IT systems for maximum agility and efficiency. In this way, healthcare organizations to capitalize on their IT investments and be prepared for future growth while delivering enhanced user experience for healthcare services providers and patients.

At Orange Mantra, we believe that the future of healthcare will rely on digital innovation and transformation as well as the adoption of a patient-centric approach to healthcare. As we specialize in digital transformation healthcare services, we are here to help our global clients envision the benefits of bringing digital transformation in healthcare and build effective strategies, solutions, and operating models and implement them.

Key Benefits of Healthcare Digital Transformation

To bring continuous improvements to global health, healthcare will need to be digitally transformed. We combine our rich knowledge and best practices with cutting-edge technologies to digitally transform patient care. Some of the key benefits of medical digital transformation include:

  • Seamless user experience through an easy-to-use application.
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity of healthcare workforce.
  • Reduced errors and risk of errors.
  • Better communication among providers and patients.
  • Scalable digital solutions to handle thousands of users.
  • Assuring the best quality user experience.
  • Less time spent on resolving healthcare service problems.
  • mproved profitability and ROI with less operational costs.
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    Our Unrivaled Digital Transformation Healthcare Services and Solutions

    Boost your healthcare organization’s growth with our end-to-end digital transformation healthcare services. As a professional medical digital transformation service provider, we provide unrivaled digital transformation healthcare services and solutions which are crucial for the optimization of digital transformation initiatives while enhancing the service performance of the healthcare industry. Implementing digital innovation healthcare helps organizations to improve critical healthcare services and offer the best quality patient care as well as optimize their digital value chains. In this way, patients can have better access to professional doctors and faster wellness.

    Our top-notch healthcare digital transformation services cater to hospitals, healthcare centers, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, and clinical laboratories. Some of the digital healthcare solutions that we provide include:

    • Collaboration Tools for Physicians and Patients
    • HIPAA Compliant Enterprise Directory
    • Personal Health Management Applications Integrated with Wearable Devices
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    • Field Service Management System for Collecting Samples
    • Healthcare Mobility Solutions
    • User Engagement Solution Integrated with Chatbots (ECHKO) and Gamification
    • Customer Relationship Management Solution for Lead Monitoring and Long-term Relationship
    • Electronic Medical Records Solution
    • Unified Data Exchange Platforms

    Top Priorities for Digital Innovation in Healthcare

    Medical digital transformation is top of mind for most healthcare IT professionals. As hospitals realized and embrace the value of digital innovation in healthcare, they are now opting for digital business transformation to stay competitive in the healthcare market. There are certain priorities that healthcare organizations need to keep in mind before embarking on their digital transformation journey.

    We Specialize in Healthcare Digital Product Engineering

    We Specialize in Healthcare Digital Product Engineering

    Being a trustable provider of digital transformation services and solutions, we help healthcare organizations to modernize their legacy systems to support integrated data platforms and online patient resources. From building insurance and payment management systems to audit and compliance management portals, we develop future-proof and scalable web solutions.

    Mobile App Development

    We specialize in building patient experience applications that facilitate doctor’s appointment management, lab test result management, personalized online consultation, self-help and awareness, and more. These apps are enriched with advanced features like communication tools, live collaboration, asset management, and tracking critical task checklists.

    New Age Technologies

    Our healthcare digital transformation team leverages advanced analytics and machine learning technology to obtain valuable insights for process optimization. We build next-gen healthcare solutions equipped with features such as geo-fenced tracking of high-value items, monitoring the healthcare workforce within hospital premises, easy navigation for differently-abled patients and a lot more.

    BI & Analytics

    You can improve the overall experience of your patients by integrating analytics panels and reporting driven by BI & Analytics services. We incorporate analytics tools to reduce inconsistency in medical practices, lower comorbidity rates among patients, and identify and eradicate factors that lead to high bed turnaround time.

    Technologies that Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

    Being a full-fledged digital transformation company, we employ the latest technologies to drive digital transformation in healthcare. We are capable of unlocking the full potential of these technologies to build best-in-class digital healthcare solutions for our clients.


    • Enable convenient patient access to healthcare providers on demand
    • Remote communication
    • Scheduling a virtual doctor’s appointment
    • Patient treatment and consultation IoT-based health sensors and wearable devices

    Big Data

    • Patients prediction for better staffing
    • Real-time notifications sent to the doctors in case of an emergency
    • Well-informed strategic planning leveraging health data
    • Reduced human errors

    Internet of Things

    • Remote patient monitoring through IoT-enabled devices
    • Improved patient satisfaction and engagement
    • Workplace hygiene monitoring
    • Healthy lifestyle maintenance through healthcare & fitness apps
    • Efficient asset management
    • Better health insurance management

    Virtual Reality

    • For pain reduction therapies, especially for children
    • Speedy recovery in physical therapy through gamification
    • VR simulations to understand problems better from another person’s perspective

    Artificial Intelligence

    • Reduction of misdiagnosis of illness and medical errors
    • Analytics for Pathology images
    • Transformation of smartphone selfies into effective diagnostic tools
    • Electronic Health Records management
    • Creation of critical drugs and vaccines
    • Automation of reoccurring tasks and processes
    • Sending alerts to doctors when patients are in trouble

    Alexa (Voice Technology)

    • Enabling patients with chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes to manage their solution effectively
    • Enhancing patient interaction in the hospitals
    • Blood pressure control and management with Alexa skills
    • Reduced waiting times for patients

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    Why Choose Us for Implementing Digital Transformation in Healthcare?

    Healthcare digital transformation solutions integrated with cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IoT and Wearable Technology, AR/VR, and Blockchain Technologies enable healthcare organizations to improve the efficiency of their workforce to handle numerous user interactions. As a top-rated digital transformation company, we deliver robust, scalable, interactive, secure, and smart healthcare solutions to help healthcare organizations stay competitive in the market. Here’s what makes us unique and premier choice of our clients for digital transformation healthcare services:

    Proven Digital Strategy and Consulting

    Focus on the Business’s Perspective

    Over 20+ Years of Experience in the Healthcare Industry

    Patient-centric Healthcare Solutions

    Analytics-driven Methodology

    Global Presence

    Custom Digital Healthcare App Development and Deployment Expertise

    Complete Transparency Assured

    On-Time Product Delivery

    Strict Adherence to NDA

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some of the latest digital healthcare trends include:

    • ⦁ Mobile healthcare apps
    • ⦁ IoT healthcare apps
    • ⦁ VR-based healthcare apps
    • ⦁ Robotics, and more.

    Digital transformation in the healthcare industry can offer numerous benefits including:

    • ⦁ Better services for patients
    • ⦁ Better organizational efficiency and productivity
    • ⦁ Better analysis of health data
    • ⦁ Better time and resource management
    • ⦁ Better environment for healthcare providers, and many more.

    To ensure proper digital transformation in healthcare, we enable healthcare organizations to follow these 5 steps:

    • ⦁ Achieve and maintain physicians and patient engagement
    • ⦁ Adopt a modern, commercial, and data-integrated digital platform
    • ⦁ Digitize assets and business operations
    • ⦁ Understand the importance of big data and use it to make well-informed decisions
    • ⦁ Achieve personalized, precision healthcare service

    The main areas of digital transformation in healthcare are:

    • ⦁ Technology
    • ⦁ Data
    • ⦁ Process
    • ⦁ Organizational culture

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