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Make Your Business Digital-savvy, Hire Android App Developers

No modern-day business can imagine long-term success without a digital presence. And mobile apps play a particularly crucial role in attaining your digital-dependent business goals. No matter what kind of market you operate in, a mobile app is a must! If your business is in India or any other emerging market, making an Android app is a proven way of expanding your digital façade. And the first important step is to hire Android app developers suitable for your project.

Having worked on several award-winning projects, our Android development team is well versed in making impeccable apps per your specific needs. Whether you need a minimalistic app with robust security or a feature-loaded solution, we are ready to address all kinds of requirements. With over a decade of app development experience, our developers ensure maximum ROI from your app. Hire dedicated Android developers for your project.

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Why Hire Android App Developers From Us?

Our Android app developers exhibit a set of unique qualities that make them noticeably more capable than others in the industry.

Creative Thinkers

Our Android developers are known for showing impressive creativity in all the solutions. They blend the most attractive design elements with cutting-edge app development techniques.

Technology Enthusiasts

The Android team uses the most advanced tools and technologies to create highly personalized applications for clients. They’re always updated about all tech trends.

Experienced App Artisans

The developers have built an array of native and cross-platform apps, working extensively with small, medium, and large enterprises. Their expertise spans across multiple domains.

Ethical Professionals

From the very beginning of the hiring process to project onboarding and delivering the solution, our developers maintain exemplary transparency and work ethics.

Great Communicators

Communication is key to every successful app development project. Our developers have impressive communication skills that help them to work perfectly in sync with clients’ expectations.

Community Members

The developers are associated with several global Android communities. Being enthusiastic members of these communities, they stay at the forefront of all things Android.

Hiring Models That Cover Every Kind Of Requirement

We offer a diverse array of hiring arrangements so you can find one that best suits your requirements


Onsite App Developers

If you need a developer/team in your office or specific location, we are here to help you. You can hire a full-time Android developer or team for your preferred location. All these come without the hassle of building a team.

Customer Friendliness

Offsite App Developers

Hire a dedicated Android app developer and let them work on your project from OrangeMantra’s offices. We ensure complete transparency, timely reporting, and seamless communication. The team will always keep you posted about the progress and challenges of the project.


Hybrid Android Team

This hiring model bundles the benefits of having an onsite team and an offsite team. You get a consultant and project manager at your location. The project will be developed and implement from our development centers. It’s a popular model.


Dedicated Developers

Most suitable for mid-sized to large projects, this model lets your hire an Android application developer/team to work dedicatedly on your project. Growth stage startups and established medium enterprises alike have largely benefitted from this hiring model.


Hourly Billing Plan

Hourly billing is ideal for projects with dynamic requirements. As your requirements increase, our developers scale up their work on the fly. The billing is processed on an hourly basis and you don’t have to worry about adding new requirements.


Fixed Price Plan

The fixed price model is profitable for app development projects with a defined set of requirements. We analyze your requirements and come up with a quote. Once you approve the quote, our developers start working, on a fixed price agreement.

Our Android App Development Portfolio

Our mobile app development projects helped clients worldwide to attain business goals, winning multiple awards, and accolades. From m-Commerce for automobile manufacturers to movie ticket-booking apps and IoT-enabled solutions, we have delivered a range of apps with astonishing diversity.

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Android App Development Services From Orangemantra

From app user experience design to advanced development and reliable tech support, we cover a broad spectrum of services.

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Android UI/UX Design
android ux
Android App Development
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Custom Android Apps
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Gaming App Development
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Android Wear Development
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Android App Testing
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App Maintenance & Support

Android App Development Technology Stack

Android StudioAndroid Studio
koltinAndroid SDK
Android NDKAndroid NDK
IntelliJ IDEAIntelliJ IDEA
React NativeReact Native

What Clients Say


EThe development time of an Android mobile app depends on your requirements. If your requirements are limited and predefined it takes comparatively less time. We build solutions in a truly short turnaround time.
Kotlin adds many advanced features to mobile app development. The Android app developers’ community is increasingly using it. Kotlin can compile the code to JavaScript or native. It enables developers to build code that can run both on Android and iOS. It’s a statically-typed language. Kotlin’s key features like built-in null safety support make apps flawless and user friendly.
Rapid application development (RAD) is a concept of software development that emphasizes working on software and being more adaptive. This development concept focuses on speed and used strategies such as prototyping, iterative development, and time boxing.
The development cost for an Android mobile app on what kind of app you need. Apps with basic features and simple design cost less. If you need a high-performance app with more advanced features, the cost will be different. We offer competitive pricing for every kind of mobile app.
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