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Instagram Clone Apps for Creating Unique Social Media Interactions

Photo-sharing and video-sharing on Instagram have become the most buzzing social media trend worldwide. Instagram’s popularity has, in fact, exceeded Facebook— especially among millennials and Gen Z. Instagram is the go-to social media app for an overwhelmingly large number of young people. Many businesses and social media influencers are now capitalizing on this popularity. They’re making a personalized Instagram-like app. If you’re considering the commercial side of social media, that’s a promising way.

We have an industry-best app development team to build the most captivating Instagram clone app for you. Our expertise in social media further helps you get the best results from your photo-sharing app. Being one of the top app development companies in India, we know how to use technologies in the most efficient ways.


Attractive Features of Our Instagram Clone Apps

Our Instagram clone apps offer a unique mix of best-in-class features and functionalities.

  • Prompt signup & login
  • Photo-sharing & filters
  • Instagram-like timeline 
  • Video calling
  • Instagram-like stories
  • Admin dashboard
  • Scalable design
  • Data security & privacy

Our Instagram Clone App Development Process

We follow a step-by-step predefined development process. It helps us speed up the development and avoid surprises.

Target audience analysis

The success of social media applications is incredibly sensitive to their specific target audiences. Before taking any step towards building an Instagram clone app, we thoroughly evaluate the client’s target audience.

Monetization model creation

Figuring out the most suitable business model is crucial to building a video-sharing app. Whether you want to capitalize on the in-app purchase or rely on a social media advertising model has a significant impact on the app.

Estimation of the development cost

Once we finalize the features, technology, and monetization mode with the client, the next step is calculating the estimated cost of the app. The cost depends heavily on the client’s specific requirements.

Minimum viable product

In a project like photo-sharing app development, a minimum viable product helps significantly in reducing financial risks. Developing a full-blown app takes time and money. And MVP lets you test the territory first.

Rapid app development & deployment

If the MVP succeeds, we proceed with developing the entire app using rapid application development processes. Before launching the app, our testers thoroughly examine every component of the app to ensure flawlessness.

Planning to build a personalized Instagram-like app for your business?

Instagram Clone App Development Services We Offer

  • Custom Instagram clone apps
  • Instagram clone UI-UX design
  • Instagram clone web apps
  • Instagram clone maintenance

Our Instagram Clone App Portfolio

From independent social media influencers to medium enterprises and established fashion designers, we have built Instagram-like social media apps for a diverse group of clients.



Instagram clone apps are photo- and video-sharing social media apps with features and functionalities similar to the popular photo-sharing platform Instagram.
There is no predefined average cost. The development cost for an Instagram clone app depends on your needs. If you need a basic app with limited requirements, the cost will lower. OrangeMantra builds feature-rich Instagram clone apps at a competitive price.
Yes, we do. We have a dedicated support team to address all your tech assistance requirements.
We build Instagram clone apps in the shortest development time possible. However, the total development time depends on what kind of social media app you need.
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