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IoT Services That Drive Digital Transformation

The past few years have belonged to the disruptive technology of the Internet of Things (IoT), with smart, connected devices transforming lives. IoT is empowering organizations to explore new opportunities by creating disruptive business models, enhancing customer experiences, developing innovative products, and unlocking new revenue streams. Since the innovative technology has so much to offer, embracing it is no longer a choice but a compulsion. Hence, there is a need to look for a technology partner that can deliver reliable and end-to-end IoT services to take your business on this amazing journey.

At OrangeMantra, we cater secure and commercial-ready IoT solutions to empower your business with the competitive advantage. Our expertise extends from the web and mobility to the cloud, enterprise applications, big data analytics, BI, and more. We tailor expansive IoT ecosystems that serve enhanced operational efficiency, customer experience, and growth for businesses. As we partner them to supply, install, and manage their physical devices, applications, and platforms, businesses can focus on maximizing their opportunities for extensive growth.

Explore The Value Of IoT For Your Business

Enhanced operational
Improved customer
Reduced operational
Asset lifecycle
Qualitative product
Resource conservation
and management
New revenue
Agile response
and control

Our IoT Approach

Validate Strategy

We begin by understanding the business, its requirements, and existing setup to ideate and validate an effective strategy for IoT adoption.

Connect Devices

We deploy IoT-powered devices or sensors to build a connected ecosystem of smart physical assets for the business.

IoT Security

We understand the significance of security of the connected devices and applications and build it as a part of the IoT ecosystem.

Collect Data

We then leverage this ecosystem of connected devices to collect data related to the business-critical processes.

Generate Insights

We design intuitive dashboards that allow real-time access and enable the analysis of data to derive relevant insights.

Experience Results

We help businesses to use these insights for taking productive decisions that yield higher productivity and better customer experiences.

Industry Sectors

We Cater Customized IoT Solutions For Diverse Industries


We leverage the IoT technology to empower the automotive sector with enhanced operational efficiency, connected vehicles, and more.

Logistics Management:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Fleet management
  • Location tracking
  • Fuel consumption analysis

Connected Cars:

  • Vehicle Navigation
  • Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Interactions
  • Smart Driving Assistance
  • Cloud-based Infotainment

Operational Management:

  • Floor Visibility
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Energy Management

Performance monitoring:

  • Vehicle Performance Monitoring
  • Engine Health Monitoring
  • Driving Pattern Analysis
  • Automated Emergency Services


We deliver impactful IoT services and solutions that resolve the challenges of the healthcare industry and improve the standards of patient care manifold.

Connected Healthcare

  • Continuous Patient Monitoring
  • Remote Appointment Booking
  • Emergency Patient Care
  • Digital Medicine

Connected Hospitals

  • Equipment and Patient Tracking
  • Workflow Automation
  • Workforce Management
  • Hygiene Management

Remote Monitoring Solutions

  • Wearable Technology Solutions
  • Real-Time Patient Monitoring
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Patient Notifications and Alerts

Analytic Solutions

  • Patient Health Statistics
  • Automated Device Analytics
  • Device Usage Patterns
  • Predictive Analysis


We offer tailored IoT manufacturing solutions that streamline operations, optimize resource utilization, and reduce costs for manufacturing entities.

Smart Manufacturing

  • Machine to Machine Communication
  • Workforce Tracking
  • Process Automation
  • Workforce Security Solutions

Monitoring Solutions

  • Asset Performance Monitoring
  • Production Line Monitoring
  • Automated Quality Assurance
  • Inventory Monitoring

Predictive Analysis

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Production Forecasts
  • Process Efficiency Analysis
  • Productivity Analytics

Interoperability Solutions

  • Supply Chain Automation
  • Resource Allocation
  • Failure Mitigation
  • Energy Consumption Patterns


We design innovative solutions with the Internet of Things to deliver the most amazing customer experiences across the retail segment.

Smart Shelves

  • Real-time Product Tracking
  • Stock Monitoring
  • Automated Stock Replenishment
  • Automated Temperature Control

Personalized Marketing

  • iBeacon Applications
  • Location-based Marketing
  • Automated Notifications
  • Omni-channel Marketing

Monitoring Solutions

  • Remote Provisioning
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Automated Quality Assurance
  • Inventory Monitoring

Predictive Analysis

  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Customer Segmentation


We harness the unmatched potential of the IoT to build solutions that add value to businesses engaged in providing logistics services.

Warehousing Solutions

  • RFID-based Inventory Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Security Management

Fleet Management Solutions

  • Route Optimization
  • Connected Fleet
  • Smart Supply Chain
  • Condition Monitoring

Predictive Analysis

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Anticipatory Shipping
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Predictive Asset Lifecycle Management

Delivery Management

  • Smart Memory Labels
  • Connected Boxes
  • Freight Management
  • Backward Logistics Optimization


We cater smart energy solutions that explore the potential of the IoT to facilitate sustainable use of energy resources.

Smart Services

  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Fault Detection
  • Energy Theft Detection
  • Consumption Optimization

Monitoring Solutions

  • Smart Meters
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Automated Billing
  • Automated Alerts

Smart Control

  • Automated Energy Management
  • Power-Generation Monitoring
  • Real-time Equipment Control
  • Integrated Energy-Asset Management


  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Equipment Performance Analysis
  • Consumption Pattern Analysis
  • Outage Analysis


We strengthen the agricultural sector with IoT-powered smart farming solutions that transform the conventional farming techniques.

Smart Farming

  • Soil Monitoring
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Automated Irrigation

Livestock Management

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Geo-fencing Applications
  • Livestock Health Monitoring
  • Feed Management

Precision Farming

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Weather and Produce Forecasts
  • Automated Pest Control
  • Remote Inspections

Production and Storage Management

  • Smart Sensors
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Warehousing Management
  • Machinery Automation

Smart Cities

Connected Buildings

  • Smart Sensors
  • Smart Access Systems
  • Energy Efficiency Monitoring
  • Ecology Monitoring

Smart Operations

  • Smart Utility Meters
  • Automated Event Logs
  • Automated Billing and Payments
  • Remote Troubleshooting

Smart Controls

  • Automated Utility Supplies
  • Automated Traffic Control
  • Automated RFID Access
  • Smart Energy Transmission

Service and Safety Management

  • Waste Disposal Management
  • Street Lighting Management
  • Automated Security Alerts
  • Service Progress Tracking

Our Service Offerings

  • IoT Consulting

    We extend expert IoT consulting and insights to help the clients for embracing IoT as a part of their existence. From roadmap creation, to use case preparation, business KPIs, and ROI mapping, we take care of the entire aspects of planning IoT adoption for the business.

  • Application Development

    We create powerful IoT-based applications that facilitate seamless connectivity between the physical and the digital. Our expert solutions are capable of creating connected products as well as converting the standalone products into smart ones which are capable of doing more.

  • Implementation and Integration

    We have a team of certified IoT engineers who implement and integrate IoT solutions into your business applications. From sensor integration to BI integration, M2M communication, integration of partner products or platforms, we enable enterprises with comprehensive solutions.

  • Upgrades and Migration

    We help the businesses to enhance their existing systems and resources with upgrades of applications, versions, and technologies, as the need may be. Our extensive IoT solutions take businesses on the growth route as they embrace digital transformation.

  • IoT Security

    We ensure a robust IoT ecosystem, with the connected data, devices, business applications and communication networks being able to exchange information in a seamless yet secure manner. With us, businesses can be sure that their IoT transition is safe and secure.

  • Managed Services

    We have a team of experts to assist the businesses in managing and maintaining services across the entire IoT stack through smart asset management solutions. We also extend reliable asset monitoring, along with predictive maintenance and AI-based solutions.

Why Choose Us As Your IoT Partner?

  • We are capable of building smart, secure, and scalable IoT solutions that open up unlimited possibilities for your business
  • Our solutions are tailored to match the unique requirements, opportunities, and challenges of the client’s business
  • We have a skilled team of IoT specialists with rich experience of having worked for clients across multiple domains
  • The services we deliver are competitively priced yet never compromise in terms of quality
  • Our team is open to innovation and creates solutions that embrace the latest technologies and trends
  • We are committed to creating result-oriented solutions which are always delivered within the stipulated deadlines

Looking to give your business the IoT advantage?

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on your requirements, it can take between 4 to 6 months to develop an enterprise-level IoT solution while the PoC (Proof-Of-Concept) can be delivered in 2 months. If you want to know more about developing an IoT solution for your business, please get in touch with our IoT experts.
As a professional IoT solution development company, we offer both back-end and front-end IoT development services. We hold expertise in developing back-end, number crunching, highly-sophisticated embedded software applications as well as visually-appealing front-end interfaces, and dashboards for seamless interaction with your devices.
We adhere to hybrid data encryption standards like 256 bits AES and 2028 bits RSA, to make data exchange safe.

Have more questions? Get in touch with our IoT development experts now!