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Leading iPad App Development Company in India

Over the past few years, iPads have overtaken the notebook and desktop sales to a great extent. With numerous tablets competing in the market to survive, iPads boast of their top dominant top position. As the demand for iPads is growing exponentially these days, iPad app development is gaining a lot of traction in the market. Many businesses and mobile app developers across the globe are turning to iPad application development to capture a huge market and boost business revenue. Building a robust iPad app takes a mixture of creativity, frameworks, proficiency, and expertise and our iPad developers know how to maintain the right balance between each of these to deliver outstanding iPad app development services to our global clientele. We offer top-notch iPad application development services for the iPad Mini Series as well as the original iPad itself.

As a leading iPad app development company in India, we are backed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable iPad developers with strong expertise in delivering powerful iPad app solutions, be it an iPad Mini-Series or the original one. We employ the best tools including Touch ID, Photokit, Manual Camera Controls, Handoff, and more to nurture the entire experience and take your iPad app development project to a whole new level. The apps we create not only fit your business requirements but also meet the quality and security standards without compromising on rich visual features and functionalities.

iPad App Development

Our Spectrum iPad App Development Services

As a professional iPad application development company, we leverage the latest Apple technologies to deliver robust custom iPad applications that meet your business requirements and user expectations.

iPad App Development

iPad App UI/UX Design

Our creative iPad UI/UX designers and prototype engineers walk the extra mile to create an appealing app experience and a notable brand image among users.

iPad App Development

Native iPad App Development

We deliver custom iPad app development services to leverage specific features of iPad devices and operating systems.

iPad App Development

Enterprise iOS App Development

Our iPad app developers create custom enterprise-level iPad applications that meet the needs and expectations of large enterprises offering high-end business solutions and streamlined operations.

iPad App Development

iPad Apps Migration

We can migrate your existing application to the iPad platform and perform testing to ensure seamless app performance and user experience.

iPad App Development

iPad App Testing

Get your iPad applications tested for bugs and technical glitches by our iPad app experts to ensure high app performance and smooth user experience.

iPad App Development

iPad App Support & Maintenance

We provide dedicated iPad app support and maintenance services to ensure that your iPad app stays abreast of the latest trends, version upgrades, OS changes, and user behavior.

Our iPad App Developers Hold Expertise In

Augmented Reality
We hold expertise in creating highly-interactive marker-based and marker-less AR app solutions that serve as an extension for physical entities.
Apple HIG
We follow industry-best practices associated with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and the strict iOS SDK usage policy.
Mobile Security
Ensuring mobile security is our topmost priority, and therefore, we consistently safeguard apps against vulnerabilities with encrypted data on the device and the server.
VOIP Calling Apps
We deliver audio/video call solutions leveraging the WebRTC framework, and third-party calling solutions such as TokBox, Twilio, etc.
Payment Gateway Integration
Our iPad developers help you choose the right payment gateway based on your project, holding experience in Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayPal, and 2Checkout.

Have a Glimpse of What We Use

As an experienced iPad app development company in India, we leverage numerous libraries while developing a beautiful iPad app for our clients. Here are some of them to measure our capabilities when you hire iPad app developers from us.

Core Text

Some apps need a technology that can handle low-level text and then correlate with the framework of Core Graphics called Quartz. If you plan to draw text by working simultaneously with Quartz, using this library is the best option.

Core Data

The Core Data framework is suitable for common tasks such as managing object graph and object life cycle through automated and generalized solutions.

AF – Networking

This amazing networking library is intended for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It is based on Foundation URL Loading System, extending absolute high-level networking abstractions built into Cocoa.

Auto Layout

This system dynamically calculates the size and position of all the views in your view hierarchy based on the conditions on those views, leading to the app user interface layout.

Cocos 2D

This open-source framework comes with two key elements namely Objective C and Xcode that combine together to develop cross-platform 2D games.


Cocoapods acts as a dependency manager to manage Objective C projects efficiently. It has thousands of libraries that help in scaling projects easily.

Our iPad App Development Services

Our Technology Stack

Our Technology Stack

Swift | Objective C | XCode


SQLite | Realm | Core Data


MVC | MVVM | Viper | Coordinator


Alamofire | Firebase | Google Map | Kingfisher | Charts | Fabric | AF – Networking

Our Competent iPad Developers Can Build a Wide Range of iPad Applications

As an experienced iPad application development company, we have been serving our global clients with custom iPad applications. We have worked on a diverse range of projects and niches, and therefore, we are capable of building iPad applications for various industry verticals.

  • Customized Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Brand Building/ Marketing Applications
  • Utility & Productivity Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Web-Based Applications
  • PDF E-book Applications
  • Health & Fitness, Education, Travel Applications, and a lot more.
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Why Choose Us for iPad App Solutions?

Agile and Adaptive Development Process

Being a full-cycled iPad app development company in India, we employ a smooth app development process as our approach focuses on our client’s involvement and flexible resource planning.

Guaranteed Approval from App Store

We are aware and understand the App Store guidelines completely. We follow the best practices to deploy the app on time with guaranteed approval from the App Store.

Experienced Team of Developers

Our iPad app developers have esteemed years of experience in developing robust, feature-rich, and high-quality iPad apps for clients from various industry verticals and niches.

Single Point of Contact

We assign a dedicated Project Manager for your project who will be your single point of contact for getting updates about your project development.

Looking to Hire iPad App Developers to Build High-performing and Engaging iPad Applications?

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