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Kiosk Development Services

Turning a business idea into a smart and interactive kiosk is our forte.

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Information Kiosks

Get valuable information to the customer’s fingertips.

Transaction Kiosks

Facilitate remote transactions with speed and ease.

Internet Kiosks

Offer seamless internet connection anytime and anywhere.

Custom Kiosks Solutions That Empower Your Business With Customer Interactions

Self-service kiosks have emerged as an essential business tool as it empowers them to serve customers from remote locations, without interacting with them directly. From small businesses to large corporations, banks, hospitals, airports, churches, and more, almost every business organization is recognizing the value of kiosk implementation. OrangeMantra offers value-adding kiosk solutions with expertise in kiosk software and application development. Our team understands that every business has unique requirements and creates kiosk applications that match and deliver rich and interactive customer experiences. Our expertise extends to developing kiosk software for all major browsers and operating systems. We believe not in just creating kiosks, but in crafting them.

Key Benefits Of Investing In Kiosk Development Services

Enhance customer experiences
Deliver better customer experiences with self-service kiosks that enable the customers to access your services without physical support from a human representative.
Reduce operational costs
Save time and cost of human labor with kiosks tending to a number of administrative tasks and eliminating the need of operators for repetitive tasks like billing and ticketing.
Increase profitability
Driving efficiency in operations which, combined with reduced operational costs, can increase profitability of the business to a significant extent.

Want To Take Your Business To The Next Level With Kiosk Software Development?

What We Offer

We extend end-to-end kiosk development services for diverse business verticals.

Custom Application Development

Custom kiosks applications for healthcare, retail, corporate, and banking clients.

Kiosk Deployment

End-to-end support and guidance through the kiosk deployment for the client.

Kiosk Security

Reliable security enablement for the kiosk to prevent any malicious user tampering

Touch-friendly Interface

Well-tested and intuitively-designed touch-friendly interfaces that are easy to use

Our Kiosk Development Services

Kiosk Software Development

Creating software with intuitive UI/UX, along with capabilities like remote management , visitor management, branding management, onsite printing, automated reports, and more.

Kiosk Application Development

Developing advanced kiosk applications for desktops, mobile devices and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems to keep businesses connected with customers, anytime and anywhere.

Self-Service Kiosk Software Solutions

Facilitating self-service through kiosks with software solutions for bill payments, digital signage, ticketing, retail applications, and more.

Kiosk System Solutions

Offering kiosk software solutions for diverse operating systems and browsers and implementing wireless connectivity to enable secure browsing and information security.

Kiosk Data Solutions

Implementing business intelligence (BI) and reporting modules with kiosks for monitoring the usage data and collecting key data and analytics for accurate insights.

Kiosk Hardware Integration

Integrating kiosk software with hardware for fingerprint readers, retina scanners, cameras, card readers, bill acceptors / dispensers, RFID, barcode scanners, and ticketing systems.

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Business process management (BPM) uses the concerted power of software and I.T. services to enhance the efficiency and transparency of business processes. BPM helps organizations to streamline, automate, and optimize processes to increase efficiency while reducing operating costs.
Business process management is crucial to ensuring the efficiency of organizations’ operations. Whether it’s back-office or front-office business functions, BPM can improve wide-ranging areas of a business. These range from managing invoices and records to customer service.
The costs of implementing business process management depend on several factors. These factors are associated with both your business operations and the software development project. The type of your business operations, design complexity of the solution, development time, etc. play an important role in calculating the total cost.
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