The Most Trusted Knockout.JS Development Company

Knockout.js is a standalone Model-View-ViewModel implementing JavaScript library that allows you to build feature-rich, responsive display and editor user interfaces with a clean underlying data model.

Orange Mantra is a reputed Knockout.js development company backed by professionals who have proficiency in using the exquisite JavaScript library of Knockout.js to bind HTML elements with the data model. We build applications that are built using a two-way data binding mechanism between the data model and user interface. Our Knockout.js developers have extensive knowledge and relevant experience of working on the Knockout framework which helps in the faster application development. Our team of Knockout.js experts adopts industry best-practices and methodologies to build Knockout.js applications that deliver delightful user experience with enhanced scalability and interoperability.

The Most Trusted Knockout.JS Development Company

Why Choose Knockout.js?

Easy Handling

Knockout.js provides easy handling of complex data-driven interfaces.

Smart Features

Knockout.js is not a replacement of jQuery but works as a supplement that offers smart features.

Compatible with Different Frameworks

This pure JavaScript library works with every framework.

Client-side Abstraction

Knockout.js offers client-side JavaScript abstraction.

Event-driven Programming Model

Knockout.js supports an event-driven programming model and offers complete customization.

Prevents Bloat Ups

Knockout.js avoids bloating up of HTTP dialogue.

Better Control on the Webpage

Knockout.js helps in creating applications of business rules, data security, and better control on the webpage.


Knockout.js provides extension points and utilities to create excellent applications.

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How Knockout.Js Works?



View is a Graphical User Interface created through markup language to display data. View binds to ViewModel’s properties using the data-bind concept that connects to the model data indirectly. This enables the data model to reflect all the changes in the user interface and vice versa. This amazing framework also allows you to create self-updating user interfaces.



ViewModel is just like a JavaScript object that comprises of properties and services. Knockout.js uses HTML’s data-binding concept to bind both View and ViewModel. It helps in altering HTML without disrupting the ViewModel. The framework uses Observables to control automatic data refresh between HTML and ViewModel.



This is the data available on the servers related to the application domain. Knockout.js enables you to manipulate the domain data by sending and receiving requests from ViewModel. Model is simply a domain data or business object which contains real-time data and not behaviors. Behavior is usually implemented in business logic.

We Offer Innovative and Highly Scalable Knockout.JS Development Services

Knockout.js Web Application Development

Knockout.js is a simple, fast, extensible, and data-centric JavaScript library that works with HTML document elements using a clean underlying view model. Our competent Knockout.js developers create web applications that will help your business reach greater heights.

Knockout.js Dashboard Development

Our proficient Knockout.js developers leverage the feature-rich Knockout.js to create outstanding dynamic dashboards that will help your business to outperform your market competitors.

Custom Knockout.js Development

Our team of top-notch Knockout.js developers and designers rely on the latest, built-in properties and functionalities of Knockout.js development for implementing robust and unique designs by using modern services.

Knockout.js Maintenance & Support

As knockout.js ensures seamless integration solutions, we integrate your existing web or mobile platforms with ease to help you scale up your business and achieve greater heights.

Knockout.js UI/UX Development

Knockout.js is a comprehensive client-side solution that enables us to create stunning and interactive UI/UX designs to help you elevate your business and overcome all the business challenges.

Knockout.js Integration Solutions

As knockout.js ensures seamless integration solutions, we integrate your existing web or mobile platforms with ease to help you scale up your business and achieve greater heights.

Knockout.js Plugin Development

We leverage this amazing framework to create effective and high-performing plugins useful in Knockout.js application development.

Knockout.js E-commerce Development

We are also capable of creating a helpful and feature-rich shopping cart with the help of Knockout that offers excellent e-commerce solutions.

Industries We Serve

We serve a diverse range of clients from all business verticals.



Fun & Entertainment

Banking & Financial


Job & Career


Transport & Logistics


Real Estate


Dating, and more

Why Choose Us as Your Knockout.js Development Partner?


Comprehensive Knockout.js Consultation

Our Knockout.js experts work closely with you to understand your business requirements and develop the best-fit strategy and business application to help you outgrow your market competitors


Talented Knockout.js Professionals

We are a reputed Knockout.js development company that houses the most experienced and talented resources who help you build next-gen enterprise application for your business.e


Smooth Migration to Knockout.js

At Orange Mantra, we assure you of an easy and smooth transition of your existing web application to Knockout.js technology without disturbing your entire system and with minimal architectural changes.


Enterprise Applications

We leverage the Knockout.js technology to develop robust, responsive, fully-functional, and high-performing enterprise applications to help you expand and grow your business like never before.

Why Choose Us as Your Knockout.js Development Partner?


Knockout.js is used to create a feature-rich and responsive display and editor user interface based on a clean, underlying model.
Knockout.js is a fast, simple, and data-centric JavaScript library that allows you to bind data to your DOM. It uses declarative bindings to combine UI elements with the data model.
We are backed by a strong and talented team of Software Architects, Software Developers, Business Analysts, UI/UX Developers, Project Managers, QA Managers having 3.5+ years of experience of Knockout.js development.
We believe in complete transparency and follow an agile approach to developing your project. We will keep you informed about the development progress of your project by using any interactive platform including email, call, or video-calling through Skype.